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How PPC Resellers Program Can Skyrocket Your Revenue

Growing your agency and boosting your revenue is simple when you have the tools and knowledge to back you up. Our pay-per-click reseller’s program is one of the alternatives you may take to magnify your revenue and add a profit stream to your company. PPC marketing has become a very popular digital marketing method since it is inexpensive and, when done correctly, can produce excellent results. PPC professionals, Globital Singapore, knows how to conduct successful PPC and Google Ads campaigns that generate the most bang for your budget. Continue reading to learn about the various ways Globital Singapore’s PPC reseller program can help you develop your business and increase your earnings.

Offer a New Service to Your Clients

You can easily turn our PPC reseller program into earnings by adding it to your current service line-up. Market it as a stand-alone service or as part of an existing package, mark up our prices, and tell your clients that you offer PPC management in addition to other internet marketing services. Your account manager can assist you in discussing the advantages of using PPC as a marketing tactic, specifically if you’re targeting small and medium local businesses searching for online visibility.

These benefits involve:

  • Your clients can employ PPC to get seen in the SERPs quickly at the start of their SEO campaign. They have entire control over their visibility — the ad will run as long as their campaign is funded — and they have complete control over the funds.
  • Manage the ad: Clients determine which keywords to target and how frequently a PPC ad should be displayed.
  • Traffic management: Your clients will have complete control over where their traffic goes and what their visitors see after clicking on an advertisement.
  • Flexibility and Local Targeting: Your customers can choose the market segment and place they want their ads to target.

Marketing Strategy for Funnels

Another way to boost your earnings is to include our PPC reseller program in your funnel marketing strategy. In this marketing methodology, you leverage several touchpoints to bring your target market down the marketing funnel, all the way to conversions. Selling our PPC services as part of the strategy you create for your clients helps to drive more new leads down the funnel, raising conversion rates. It’s straightforward to direct your client’s target market to the next stage in your funnel since you get to choose which landing page they see. You may easily alter where you lead your target audience down the funnel, depending on your approach.

Extending to Other Paid Advertising Techniques

Analytics tools make it simple to track the progress of PPC ads. As a result, obtaining knowledge that helps you to broaden your solutions becomes more easier. You can start offering your clients other paid advertising solutions, such as retargeting and banner advertisements, based on the data you collect from your text PPC campaigns. You may utilise the data from your original campaign to analyse your market’s behaviour – what search phrases they use to find your services, what type of copy they click, where they came from, and what services they are specifically seeking for – and apply it to your retargeting and banner ad campaigns. You will be able to funnel more potential clients and boost your revenue as a result of this.

PPC Campaigns And Reporting That Are Reliable And Effective

Staying on top of your client’s PPC and Google Ads campaigns has never been easier thanks to our innovative and automatic white label reporting services. With an experienced team of specialists by your side to hone and refine your plans, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. You may rest certain that as search platform certified partners, we are well-versed in the finest techniques and most up-to-date tactics that will best suit your efforts and industry.

With our leading PPC resellers program, are you looking to take your Singapore Digital Marketing Agency to the next level? Contact our friendly team today!