Internet Marketing

Why Should You Personalise Your Marketing Videos?

People will always crave attention and human interaction. The COVID-19 pandemic made the craving for interaction more, especially for people who have chosen to isolate themselves in their homes to avoid getting infected. It, therefore, makes sense that marketers are adding personalised automated video creation features to provide that human touch in their marketing campaigns.   

Using personalised videos in marketing strategies has become popular because they make potential customers feel valued. Likewise, personalised videos give a personal feel while the potential customers go through the conversion funnel.

What Is a Personalised Video?

A personalised video utilises collected data on potential customers and incorporates them into the marketing videos creating a personal appeal. However, you do not need to create separate videos for each of your potential customers. Instead, software technology automates the placement of personalised elements such as clients’ names strategically during the video editing. As an example, the beginning salutations of your video can insert the name of potential clients on your mailing list before sending the video to them. As a result, potential clients who open your video will feel that you made the extra effort to make the video personal.

Why Are Personalised Videos Important? 

The importance of personalised videos is rooted in people’s craving for attention. With personalised automated video creation, your potential customers will feel special and feel that they are more than just names on your mailing list.

Personalised videos also make that marketing process more human. And as a result, potential clients will feel that they are replying to a person rather than an automated mailing program. Furthermore, receiving short personalised videos with inspiring messages can invoke positive emotions towards your brand and company.

Where Can You Use Personalised Videos? 

Personalised videos can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies to move potential customers down the sales funnel. So, if you have a marketing strategy already in play, you can add personalised videos to these platforms:


Sending out emails to potential customers on your mailing lists is still an effective marketing strategy. You can send out emails in the form of cart abandonment reminders, offers of promos and discounts, and notices for loyalty rewards. Meanwhile, one of the most effective ways to make sure that the customers open your video is by ensuring that the thumbnail shows their names.


A personalised website tour will do wonders for your marketing efforts. Hence, create a personalised video when users click and navigate your website. You can personalise your website’s videos once a lead fills out the information form. Likewise, you can use cookies and create a personalised video experience for returning visitors.

Social Media

Social media campaigns are a great platform for personalised sales videos since it will be easier to get personal information as you can go through a person’s social media profile.

When Should You Use Personalised Videos?

If you want to do an effective marketing campaign, you should use personalised videos in every step of your sales funnel. With all the available information on the internet, grabbing customers’ attention has become more challenging. But, using personalised videos during each sales funnel stage will give you a higher chance of getting your message across amidst the noise.


A personalised video to make potential customers become aware of what solutions you can provide for them will be an effective tool in ensuring that your leads will go further down your sales funnel.

Interest and Decision

A personalised video explaining why your brand is better than others can help ensure that you get chosen. In addition, you can create personalised product demos and tutorials.


Once your customer makes a buying decision, personalised videos of thanks and greetings during special occasions will help in creating brand loyalty.

Building trust is one of the essential factors that will convert a lead into a loyal customer. Personalised automated video creation software can help your business give your marketing efforts a personal touch. And who doesn’t like it when things are made just for them?