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11 of the best online marketing tools in 2019

We’ve been handling marketing implementation for 10+ years and part of how we’ve stayed in business and grown is staying on top of trends.

I’m constantly on the lookout for the best online marketing tools for helping to automate marketing strategies we put in place.  The right online marketing tools serve to help you execute and streamline your strategy.

You will have to put in the work to get your marketing pieces in place.

Some of the tools on this list are foundational pieces that you need in your business like email marketing and others are more specialized. To that end we’ve grouped them together so you can easily scan this list.

Foundational online marketing tools:



This is a great place to start out when you only need a basic email provider.  Aweber will take care of your basic list building and email marketing needs. There is no reason to spend lots of money on expensive email marketing systems, especially if your operating on a tight budget.

With Aweber it is simple to create great looking email and web form templates using their drag and drop builder.

  1. Kartra:

When you’ve been in business for awhile, you’re most likely at some point going to graduate beyond basic marketing strategies and piecing things together isn’t working anymore.

You find that not only do you need email marketing, you now need landing pages, a shopping cart and a way to deliver products and programs to your customers.  It gets complicated and expensive when you try to piece different online marketing tools together

At some point you will want an online marketing tool like Kartra that combines landing pages, email marketing, evergreen marketing campaigns, a shopping cart and program delivery all in one place.

  1. Yoast SEO Plugin:

Getting more eyeballs on your content is a basic marketing practice and the Yoast SEO plugin helps you to optimize your content whether it is a blog post or a main navigation page on your website.

There are several options, the basic Yoast plugin for WordPress is free and the paid plans are based upon how many sites you need to use it for.  All you do is install it and the Yoast plugin will guide you on what needs to be done on your page or post to improve the SEO for your keyword.

This is best used in combination with the google keyword planner that I cover in #8 in this article. Yoast is the best online marketing tool that will help you optimize your content for search engines. 

  1. Leadpages 

This online marketing tool will help build your list faster and get more people into your webinars.

Leadpages help you to quickly create landing pages that are optimized for conversion.  If you plan on using webinars and opt-ins to grow your business then you want to check out leadpages.  

I personally have used and  love LeadPages because it has helped me to scale my (and my client’s)  business because it allows our team to confidently roll out lead-generating campaigns in record time.

  1. Google Drive

You might be wondering why I included Google Drive as an important marketing tool.  My recommendation when building an online business is that you want to make it easy to work from anywhere and easy to collaborate with team members.

Google Drive allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, forms etc…  We use it to automate our content marketing system in our business. One of the smartest things anyone can do is to create systems that automate their marketing and Google Drive is one tool that allows us to do just that.

Specialized Online Marketing Tools

Once you have your foundational marketing tools selected and in place then it is time to consider these online marketing tools that will help automate your regular marketing strategy. 

Typically you should be focusing on content creation and content marketing as the foundation of your ongoing marketing strategy.

  1. Buzzsumo:  

Content creation should be a cornerstone of your marketing activities.  To help us create content that attracts readers, we use BuzzSumo.

BuzzSumo is a unique content research tool that identifies content for any keyword or phrase you enter.  You can look up trending topics and define the scope of your search to generate both evergreen content, or trending content aimed at your desired audience.

From there, you can look at your content’s analytics and social mentions, and then measure its performance accordingly.  

  1. Canva 

Creating great visual content is for your business is important. When you want to create great looking graphics in a hurry, Canva is the ultimate design tool for non-designers.  

It’s easy to get started with Canva and the free version gives you pretty much everything you need.  We like to use Canva to create social media images, Opt ins, Workbooks and even video thumbnails.

Canva is a drag-and-drop design tool that allows you to create great looking graphics using custom pictures, icons, shapes, and fonts.  You pretty much don’t have to look elsewhere for any of these. 

It is so simple to get started creating your own graphics without using an expensive graphic designer. 

  1. Google Keyword Planner

When you use Yoast SEO plugin, you’ll want to combine it with the Google Keyword planner to come up with the best keyword(s) for your content.

Google AdWords hosts the Google Keyword Planner, where you can research which keywords you want to include in your ad and your other content. 

The google keyword planner helps you get more organic traffic to your content. 

  1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is the best online marketing tool to measure your for website analytics. Nowadays, it’s hard to run an online business successfully if you don’t use it.

We recommend installing Google Analytics plugin on your website and use it to  see who is coming to your website, from where, and on which pages they’re spending most of their time. 

This way you can see what content is performing and create more content that your audience is interested in.

Beyond that, you can set up goals to track conversions.

You should make it part of your daily marketing practice to review your google analytics.

  1. Tailwind

This online social media tool  is used specifically for Pinterest and Instagram.  Features include scheduling, analytics and content management

Tailwind gives you the ability to bulk upload and schedule your content quickly and easily.  

Not only that, you get access to features that help you with content discovery, and conversation tracking. Use it also to measure your content results so you can quickly adjust your marketing strategies when needed.

This the best online marketing tool to automate and build your Tribe out on Instagram and Pinterest.

11:  Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar is an excellent social media management tool for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When you write a new post and publish it, it automatically shows up in MeetEdgar with content pulled from your content.  All you need to do is review your content and schedule it.

Want to create multiple versions?  

Meet Edgar can extract up to five important highlights from your posted content for you.   You can sort your content into categories and decide when you want content shared from each category.

With Meet Edgar you can schedule your content 24/7, and if your queue runs out, it will mine previous posts and re-share them — which you can start and stop at any time. 

Building and growing your online business doesn’t have to be hard.  

There are plenty of different online marketing tools to help you automate your processes. You just need to decide what area you want to focus on to get started.