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Best tools to increase your work speed

We are always looking for ways and tools that allow us to work faster. Efficient and productive days while we are at the office are what we aim to achieve. A successful and fast daily workflow is the central concern in most office setups, aside from good work ethics. 

But to be frank, not all days are good days in delivering your outputs. You will experience a day or a few days of unproductivity or procrastination which can be bothersome, especially if you have a deadline to beat. It’s a good thing that tools are made available to help you speed up your work, effectively manage your time, and organize both your professional and personal life. Here are some of them:

Word Counter Tool 

The secret technique in maintaining productivity at work is to use the word counter tool online that gives you the exact word count for your document. The site is not just intended for a single purpose; it also features various tools like a Pomodoro Timer that helps you to manage your time effectively and guide you as you complete tasks in a given amount of time and take short breaks in between.


Trello is a multitasking tool that is perfect for teams of different numbers. It allows everyone to see the progress of each task neatly presented in the dashboard. Commenting, adding due dates, and even providing a checklist are all applicable in this software. For only $12 per month, you can achieve the most convenient and fastest workflow. 


Numi is best for a desktop that allows you to increase your performance level. It’s made perfectly for engineers who are regularly engaged in complicated calculations. Numi can make the job a lot easier. Translating dollars to euros, or converting imperial and metric systems can be accomplished smoothly. Numi is a well-designed tool that is exclusive in Mac OS. With its useful functions, it is a must-have tool in every office to maintain a successful and fast workflow. 


You found a fascinating article, but you don’t have enough time to read it? Well, there is a solution for that. The best way to save all the items you found online is to keep it on GetPocket. It works on mobile and desktop, which allows you to keep the articles offline and access it when you already have the time. 


When it comes to keeping the progress of your documents, Evernote is a must-have tool for your professional life. It also works well in tracking all of the ideas you want to take on. Brainstorming for ideas without a tool that can help you save all of your generated ideas is somehow useless. You should always work with a tool at your side, keeping your work safe. 

That’s how Evernote works. For office purposes, and even for your personal life, Evernote should be one of the essential apps on your mobile phone. It is best for task listing, organizing, archiving, and taking notes. It provides you the most organized and well-planned ideas you can use for long-term projects. It also syncs across devices, which means that wherever you are, you can freely access those ideas that have been taken down. 


Fantastical is the best alternative for your calendar app. This serves as a useful tool to organize both your professional and personal life. Because of its effectiveness and easy to use features, Fantastical tool won Apple’s Design Award in the year 2015. No doubt why it’s still considered an essential tool in most office settings. 


Dropbox can help in increasing the productivity of employees in the office. With a dropbox tool at your side, collaborating for team projects and sharing information is much more comfortable. If sending big files is your main concern recently, install a dropbox tool in your mobile phones or desktop to make the process smooth and fast. 

Better Touch Tool

Better Touch Tool works effectively for your desktop. It is an app exclusively for Mac and lets you personalize different inputs on your device. The tool protects your essential information or projects that are still in the process by allowing you to control how you will launch a specific app personally. 


Slack is one of the most powerful tools for both mobile and desktop because of its function in keeping company conversation uncomplicated. While conversing with other staff, you can attach a large file in a single sentence. 

The tool also allows you to hold tutorials to provide some direction. Using the tool, you can always select what to prioritize first and what to disregard. It best works for G-chat and email purposes for the fastest communication. 


The tools mentioned above are useful for your entire digital experience and fast and productive workflow. You can truly experience success in both your work and personal matters if you have the perseverance to do things with a little helping hand. Whether you want to get rid of a bad work habit or wish to improve your productivity, the tools mentioned above will surely deliver to your needs.