Six Best iPhones to Buy in 2018

iPhone manufacturer, Apple, has been on rapid modification of its unique smartphone brand that operates on iOS. In the last three years, the company released several iPhone models, with each release coming with better features than the previous one. It’s worthy to note that recent and highest rated iPhones come at a higher price. The most recent iPhone model is iPhone X. The following are the best iPhones you can buy.

1. iPhone X

If you are currently operating on old versions, this is the best iPhone 2018 phone you need to buy. The model is the most recent release that comes with more modified features than the previous one, making it among the best smartphone in the world. The iPhone X comes with a 5-inch screen display with the total dimensions measuring 143.6×70.9×7.7mm. 

The model’s performance is high enabled by its high-speed processor A11 Bionic CPU, a RAM #GB and internal storage of GB and the possible inclusion of up to 256 GB space for SD card. The 174g model comes with duo rear cameras each with 12MP and a front camera of 7MP. It can support resolution of up to 1125×2436 pixels. With a good battery life of 2716mAh, it offers high reliability. 

2. iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus is one smartphone you would love to use. The wireless charging phone has fast-charging long life battery of 2691mAh and comes in an appealing design. It has a big screen size of 5.5inches that displays a maximum resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. It comes with dual Rear cameras of 12MP each and a front camera of 7MP. 

The phone operates on iOS 11 platform and offers excellent performance with a 3 GB RAM, A11 Bionic CPU. Its internal storage and SD cards are 64GB and 128GB respectively. However, the phone quality features come at a high price.

3. iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus is one of the decent models you can acquire. It has a capacitive 5.5 inches screen that can display a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. It operates on an upgradable iOS 11.2 and comes with a Quad-core 2.34GHz CPU making it’s a high-speed operator. It has a memory of 32 GB with an extendable SD of up to 256GB and a 3GB RAM. It has two 12MP dual rear cameras and a 7MP front camera with the ability to take quality shots. It comes with non-removable 2900mAh battery. The phone supports most of the documents viewing and editing.

4. iPhone 8

If you prefer small size iPhone, this is the best iPhone 2018 for you. It’s another wireless charging iPhone model that comes 4.7 inches screen size. Like iPhone 7, it comes with a screen resolution of 750×1334,2GB RAM, high-quality 12MP rear and 7MP front cameras with five times zoom and 1080 HD video recorder but has a lower life battery of 1821mAh. 

It’s configured with 64GB and includable of the 256GB card.
When buying an iPhone, you will have to keep your priorities first into consideration such as features you want and financial limit. Newer versions have improved features found in the previous ones plus additional capabilities. In case you not financially limited, why don’t you go for the best?

5. iPhone 7

The model is slightly smaller and cheaper than iPhone 7Plus with a screen size of 4.7 inches with the ability to offer a maximum resolution of 750×1334 pixels. It has incredible image quality with its 12MP rear and 7MP front cameras. It uses an upgradable iOS 10.0.1, a high-speed 2.34GHz Apple A10 fusion processor, 2GB RAM and storage capacities of 32 GB and 128GB for internal and includable SD card respectively. It comes with 1960mAh inbuilt battery and stereo speakers making it suitable for your entertainment.

6. iPhone SE 

If you have low cash, this is the most affordable best iPhone 2018 for the Latest releases of Apple. The small sized iPhone SE has a screen size of 4 inches that offers a 1136×640 pixel resolution. Operating on iOS 9.3.2 it comes with 1.87 GHz Apple A9 CPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage and the possible inclusion of 64GB external SD card it offers good performance. It comes with 12MP rear and 1.2MP front cameras. Despite its lack of 3D features, it’s the best phone compared to other phones of its size and class.