How to choose a washing machine for your apartment?

Want to buy a washing machine but are confused about which washing machine to choose, from the semi-automatics to the fully automatic one, and are struggling to find out the suitable washing machine for your apartment.

While selecting a washing machine, you need to consider the following factors, such as lifestyle needs, power consumption, the noise emitted from the machine, the installation area required, the volume of clothes to be washed, the water connections and requirements, frequency of usage and many more.

But the most important determinant is the budget of the consumer. But most people realize it after purchasing the washing machine that the machine is not suitable for their needs and does not present the desirable results. Many Hotels are installing washing machines in their hotels and they provide access to customers from Hoteling software

To save you from committing such mistakes, let us help you find out the best washing machine for your apartment.


If you are looking for an economic- washing machine requiring less water consumption and if you are ready to do a bit of manual work, then these semi-automatic washing machines are of your type. The price of the semi-automatic washing machine ranges from RS.10, 000 to RS. 17,000 and it is an appropriate product if you are willing to spare some time on manual assistance.

It is appropriate for small families or people living alone and consumes around 325 watts for an hour of usage and does not require a continuous water supply like the fully automatic washing machines. Moreover, the wash quality is about 60% of fully automatic front load machines.

But, if you want your washing to have water heating options and a washing machine that does not need manual intervention, then this type is not suitable for you. The ioT technology integrated with electronic gadgets takes it to the next level, you can check for the best iOT app development company.


If you want a washing machine with better cleaning features and are ready to spend more money, then these fully automatic top load washing machines are best suited for you. Its price starts from RS. 14,000 and varies from brand to brand. What sets it apart from the semi-automated ones is the presence of an Agitator and Pulsator- a propeller which is excellent in providing better cleaning facilities. But make sure these machines consume more water which cannot be reused. Moreover, such machines’ power consumption is 1500 watts per hour of usage, making it desirable for mid-sized families.

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If you have a hectic schedule and require such a washing machine that caters to all your laundry needs, then these fully automatic front load washing machines are your choice. Well, this is an expensive product starting from RS.22, 000 and varies from brand to brand. The presence of the in-built heater makes it efficient for delicate washes. Moreover, these machines do not emit much noise, and as compared to other types of washing machines, it requires much less water and detergents. Its power consumption is 1500 watts per hour of usage. And most importantly, great precautions are to be taken to maintain the glass doors of the machine.


  • Spinning capacity ranges from 600 to 1400 rpm. Consumers must read the manual carefully.
  • Must check the presence of non-rusting heaters.

So in this article, we have presented a guide on the best washing machine for your apartment and hope that this article has helped you figure out your desirable washing machine.