Time for Style: A Sleek Guide to Buying a Watch

Looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a practical and stylish accessory? With sales up 17% in recent years, watches have not run out of time to make a dent in fashion. When you’re looking for timeless style, you can’t go wrong investing in a watch.

Read on to find a sleek guide to buying a watch!

Set a Budget for Stylish Watches

You can find stylish watches for under $100. But you also can find them for over $1,000. Be clear on your budget before you get too caught up in looking.

What makes the best men’s watches expensive? Typically, premium materials, such as gold, dictate the price. And in some instances, high-end watches are made in small batches, making their rarity appealing.

Watches that reflect the most precise mechanisms and watchmaking processes will command a steeper price, too.

Know What Features You Want

Wondering how to choose a watch? You can whittle down the options by identifying your must-have features.

Consider the straps. Nylon or canvas straps are sportier and useful if you’re active or live in a hot climate. For a more refined look, go with leather. And for something a little more modern, try metal.

You may need alarms on your watch. Or you might want a glare-resistant glass. Make a list of preferences to keep handy as you deliberate!

Investigate the Movements

Think of the watch movement as the brains of the machine. Movements power your watch’s time-telling abilities, and you can find old and new technology in today’s watches.

Quartz watches, which rely on battery power, offer the cheapest option when it comes to stylish watches. It’s also considered the most accurate technology!

But if you want to step back in time, go with a manual movement. You’ll have to wind it every day due to the gears and springs. You’ll find this movement in high-end watches.

Or go with the automatic movement. You won’t need to wind this watch on a regular basis, but it can slow down over time. This movement from the 20th century is more reliable than a manual one.

Explore Different Types of Watches

Do you want analog or digital? Do you want a lightweight watch that you can wear in the water? Or maybe you want a chunkier chain and bigger watch face that will stand out.

Try on different styles, if you can, to see what feels comfortable on your wrist. Determine whether you prefer Roman numerals or minimalist dashes on the face. And consider going with neutral colors for a more versatile watch that pairs with everything.

Look online for easy access to both fancier Swiss-made watches and less expensive brands. Visit h2hubwatches.com to find a range of options. Best of all, you’ll be able to find watches with warranties and get free shipping!

Make Buying a Watch a Priority

Buying a watch lets you dress up your wardrobe with a blend of functionality and style. You won’t need to reach for your phone constantly — and you won’t need to break the bank to find good options. Figure out what features you want, and investigate different styles before landing on one.

For more style tips, check back for new articles!