Website design

Five trends to follow in 2019 for functional web design

Technology has been moving at a rapid pace since its introduction and helps us to stay in touch with customers and loved ones alike. There have been developed millions of sites to cater to the different needs of people of all ages, which can be checked just about anywhere. Web design definitely is of great importance from the entrepreneur’s perspective.

Latest trends to follow to create functional and user-friendly web design

  • Animated GIFs: Web visitors are always eager to find information as quickly as possible and don’t spend much time searching around any particular website. With GIFs, it becomes much easier for businesses to convey the desired messages and ideas in short time span and are found entertaining and engaging. It is also compatible with almost every web browser and mobile device.
  • Flat design: This simple approach involves bright colors, 2D illustrations and a clean space and gained popularity with time, because there emerged an urgent need to develop quick loading web pages. The site takes very less time to load as there are used simple illustrations. The professional web developer Sydney prefers to use this style as it offers enhanced UX.
  • Bots & Machine Learning: Computer bots have become popularly and used by site visitors to get their query answered. AI of bots has witnessed great advancements in recent times. Google, for example, offers suggestions to people simply as they type relevant keywords. It also auto-completes the sentences, thereby making it much easier to derive what the web user requires. This feature is taken full advantage by websites.
  • Photoshop vs. Sketch: The debate is becoming hot on whether to use Photoshop or Sketch for designing purpose. The former was quite popular among professionals for several years. But with time, Sketch has been gaining popularity. This simple software program allows professionals to come up with prototypes to create presentations. It is expected to replace Photoshop probably in the near future.
  • White Space: ‘Less is more’ is perhaps the approach taken these days. This means, websites can be found featuring plenty of white space and simple layout, sort of empty web page space. The space is what creates that difference between the site or blog’s different sections, thereby making it much easier for visitors to go through the contents. Hence, having white space on the site can be a great idea.

Following the above trends can help to have a functional website. For assistance, consult an experienced sydney web design professionals.