Features of robocopy and its alternatives

There are various updating done on the software that helps people in copying files. Most of the daily and regular users in a small scale copied files without any hassle because the work in less and not so complicated. Even then when we try to copy multiple files at a time, there are errors that occur like duplicate files and path not found etc. we solve these problems manually within some clicks and get done with the work.

But in big scale industries and company where numerous files are transferred from one server to another or a back up is being taken to the external directory, one cannot waste time by sitting there and solving errors manually. Also, there are issues like transferring files that are read only in nature or files that requires in administrator services etc. are need to be solved. Robocopy alternatives help in transferring those files without coming up with any errors.

The software is designed with intelligence so that it can accept and solve any errors while transferring the files and transfers only modified content of a file or a folder. Here are some features that make Robocopy alternatives one of the best file copying or file transferring software so far-

  • No restriction on file size– one can copy or transfer a file that is huge in size within a little time. There is no such issue like long files cannot be transferred. The destination folder needs to have the space that is required to contain the file that is being transferred.
  • Recovers destructed files– it is one of the best software to recover lost data. One can get the lost data back from the Robocopy alternatives by using it in the right way.
  • Backing up files– Robocopy alternatives can be used to back up data because it takes less time in copying data to the external storage device and one can then again copy the data to a new device within a short time.
  • Multi thread support– multi thread features helps in transferring files on byte level and hence the work is done simultaneously and fast.
  • Unlimited free support– the 24 hours support system from the service providers helps the clients in solving any sort of issues that might occur while file transfer.
  • Scheduling and automation– one can set time and date at which the files would be transferred. It means one does not have to do the transferring on spot. One can fix the work on a particular date and time and work would be done automatically without needing the user to be present while the work in being done.

All these features make Robocopy alternatives the best copying software that large scale industries uses to copy files and data from one server to another and one network to another network easily. One can download the free trial version if one wants to test the software before buying the same. The security involve in it is extremely good so that no data replication is done.