ArchiverFS: An Unique Archiving Software for Windows File System

For archiving software products for file servers of Windows, ArchiverFS is unique. It doesn’t act like some pseudo-document management system. ArchiveFS was designed such that it leaves a tiny footprint. It has massive scalability with a minimum cost. No marketing team created it; engineers designed it. If you are looking for the most efficient archival solution, AchiverFS is the one. With the help of ArchiveFS, you will be able to archive vast amounts of contents into second tier storage. In the whole process, no database is used, and the file system drives the process. Old files can be easily migrated. The best part is that no deployment of any agent is required to your workstations or servers.

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Key Features of ArchiverFS:

  • You can migrate old files to any UNC path from any UNC path with various criteria like file size, type, and age.
  • The type of file type used from start to finish is NTFS flat.
  • For proving users access to content instantly ‘Direct File Access’ is used.
  • For choosing which files can be left behind while the data are moved, several stubs are available.
  • Graveyard, migrated, and live are unique ‘3 tier’ storage structures used.

Additional key features include:

  • From Windows 2003 every version of Windows is supported by installation, including Windows Server 2016 and Windows Storage Server.
  • Windows Server de-duplication, DFS (Distributed File System), SDS, SAN-based replication; Microsoft Search Server as well as Windows compression is supported with seamless compatibility.
  • The product is widely established with a broad range of customer base, including military contractors, government institutions, universities, law enforcement departments etc., in between 40 countries.
  • File permissions and also file attributions remain 100% same and are preserved.
  • The daily maintenance job is unique with current files back to live file system and replicates data exactly and with same permissions from the live system to the storage.
  • Full Unicode support, including, English, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, etc.