Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization | 4 Reasons Why It’s so important

Bringing traffic to your website is expensive. When you have already paid enough to bring substantial traffic to your sales pages, it’s time to check if the conversion is working well. Because you put the effort to bring visitors, you don’t just want to keep them as simple visitors. But most certainly you need to […]


What are embedded solutions and the types of embedded solutions?

Technology is growing at a rapid speed that it might be difficult for startups to stay up with fairly frequent changes. Embeded solutions fit into this class because they are increasingly becoming resources that modern businesses cannot live without. While you’ve probably heard the word before, it’s conceivable because you’re not clear what this signifies […]


Web Filtering Technology- All There is to Know

Technology has transformed many aspects of our livelihood. From social media platforms to websites and lots of information online, it’s evident that technology has so much to offer. Sounds exciting? Not really! You’re exposed to multiple threats online and can easily fall prey to hackers or inappropriate content. This shouldn’t worry you, though, which is […]