Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization | 4 Reasons Why It’s so important

Bringing traffic to your website is expensive. When you have already paid enough to bring substantial traffic to your sales pages, it’s time to check if the conversion is working well.

Because you put the effort to bring visitors, you don’t just want to keep them as simple visitors. But most certainly you need to take them particular actions. And this is exactly where conversion rate optimization audit plays its role.

Why is Conversion Rate optimization important?

Generally, the primary goal of Conversion Rate Optimization is to boost total website sales in most cases. In a CRO, experts will increase the conversion rate by optimizing the customer experience along the way. And CRO works by making the website easier to navigate, making everything understandable with minimal effort, and boosting the brand’s trustworthiness.

In brief, Conversion rate optimization is important for online merchants because it helps them make the most of the traffic they already have. But let’s check the key importance of CRO –

Understand Customer interaction with the website:

The information about how customers experience your brand website is a goldmine for future improvements. When you and your team close one look at your website, they do it with a sense of familiarity. So high chance is that so many things remain unnoticed.

But CRO begins with an immediate investigation of the current state of the website and how customers interact with it. It allows you to sneak into both the quantitative and qualitative data about your customers and their time with your website. In that case, with CRO, you can analyze the conversion rate of your homepage, product page, landing page, and more. Again, the checkout process is where business often loses their customers. So, it’s crucial to investigate if the checkout process is experiencing high bounce rates.

Next, how is the performance of your copy, and which content is doing better? Can some change be made? With CRO, You can predict how some changes may improve performance. But, to come up with real proof, you can perform A/B testing, also called split testing. In A/B testing, you experiment with two versions of a page or sales copy and track the data.

Finally, you know which version has more conversion and works the best.

To be successful in the rising competition:

The competition in the eCommerce market is high. The rising competition throws more challenges for a business. While search engine optimization may work well, a new business pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign can be a head start to gain some traffic. But the problem is, with growing competition in the online market, the PPC price is also on a continuous rise. So for a business to be successful, the traffic from PPC ads must get converted to customers. In this case, conversion rate optimization is a must thing to do.

Handle consumers’ short attention span: It’s a known fact that nowadays, consumers’ attention span is short. Visitors don’t want to stay on a webpage for long unless they get what they look for with minimal effort.

Furthermore, customers are limited, and many retailers compete to get the customers to their store. So, if you want to win the customers, you have to keep your website optimized in every aspect possible. The processes should be satisfying and easy for the customers, so they don’t bounce to another place for their search. CRO can handle this tendency of customers by getting their attention quickly.

To improve your online store and increase legitimacy:

A business constantly optimizing its online store appears more legitimate than one that is not. Optimizing means making it easier for the customers to go from the landing page to buy the product. CRO sets the path for creating a tailored experience for visitors, which helps convert them into loyal customers. For example, engagement is one turning point. Customers tend to like and revisit a store if they feel to be special. For example, you can provide personalized product recommendations or reminders.

The importance of CRO is unveiled more when you start to see the value it adds to your business. It helps you to be successful in your others marketing campaigns as well. Finally, within a shorter period, CRO helps you gain more customers.