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Your Guide to Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the fastest-growing content management system in the world and powers nearly 15% of the top websites because of its easy-to-use (managing content + rich text editor + many third party plugins). While WordPress allows you to build your own website, you require the services of a hosting company to host that website efficiently.

To cater to the growing demand for hosting of WordPress based websites, hosting companies in India and abroad have launched specialized managed WordPress hosting services. This means that the hosting providers specialize in WordPress and offer packages that include handling all the technicalities associated with running a WordPress website. WordPress hosting in India has seen the introduction of managed WordPress hosting services for small as well as large websites.

What Does Managed WordPress Hosting Mean?

Managed WordPress hosting service providers aim to ensure that the website owners focus on developing their business or product rather than dealing with the technicalities of running the website. Web hosting companies offer a complete package that includes taking care of the security of the website, its speed, the updates to WordPress, daily backups, Website uptime and the scalability requirements. Such packages are highly useful as they allow the website owner to carry on their work with an assurance that all technical glitches and issues will be handled by experts with no need to resort to WordPress manual books.

How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Package?

The growing popularity of online shopping means e-commerce sites need to be fast, more efficient and secure. This is where managed WordPress hosting providers can help by taking charge of all the aspects of running and updating the websites thereby allowing owners to focus on the business aspect.  WordPress Hosting in India has seen hectic activity with several plans for bloggers, agencies, developers and ecommerce stores. 

Choosing the right hosting service is important to ensure the efficient running of your website and the business.  Here are certain features that one should compare while choosing a managed WordPress hosting package:

  • The level of support offered by the host is important to ensure that your website does not get disrupted due to high traffic.
  • The level of flexibility offered by a hosting provider is important, since you may need to upgrade to match the growing requirements of your website. You may need to shift from shared hosting plans to VPN or Dedicated servers.
  • Storage and Bandwidth offered are very important for the smooth running of your website.
  • The number of domains and subdomains being offered.
  • The inclusion of an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of data transferred and transactions carried out.
  • Inclusion of malware scans to prevent infections and loss of data.
  • Inclusion of a Content Delivery Network or CDN refers to a group of servers that work together to ensure fast delivery of the internet content, including HTML pages, JavaScript files, videos and images.
  • Inclusion of a staging environment to test any changes or inclusion of new features to your actual website.
  • The speed offered is important. So, opt for plans that guarantee the speed and are using the latest versions of PHP and other speed-boosting technologies. 

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