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Guide to choose Microsoft office professional 2021 for windows 10/11

The most widely used desktop application in the world is undoubtedly Microsoft Office, and the newest version of this suite, Office 2021, was just released. The newest release is more productive, and it comes with some nice new features including the ability to translate languages directly from Outlook and the inclusion of Microsoft Teams in the default installation. Though the killer suite hasn’t changed much, Office 2021 solves that problem.

Those who are already comfortable with the suite’s more recent iterations will find the 2021 release to be an easy transition. After the upgrade, you can get back to work quickly, and you’ll also find new features that make the purchase worthwhile. With no doubt, Microsoft office professional 2021 for windows 10/11 is the best office suite on the market today.

The latest version of Microsoft Office is 2021. What’s New?

  • Here is a list of the most notable additions to the 2020 version, which you should know about if you are upgrading from 2019. Remember that only if you’re upgrading from a previous version with a perpetual licence will these be brand new to you. These features have been gradually rolled out to Microsoft 365 subscribers over the past two years.
  • With Excel, you can create formulas that return many numbers at once, customise the appearance of specific sheets, and even name and label calculation results for later use in other formulas. Excel has all of these capabilities and more.
  • There is a new function in PowerPoint that allows you to share a link to a specific presentation with a co-worker and give them the option to make changes to the slide. Freehand inking animations on a slide can be re-watched using this capability. PowerPoint also lets you play back animations made with freehand inking on a slide.
  • Freehand drawing, faster searching, and instant translations are just a few of the new features in the latest version of Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Teams, the company’s answer to Slack, is now included with Microsoft Office for the first time

None of this should be considered ground-breaking. If you are happy with the features you have in the 2016 or 2019 release and see no cause to upgrade to the 2021 release, there is no point in shelling out the money for it. If you are installing Office for the first time on a new computer and do not already have a licence, I highly recommend starting with the 2021 edition. Keep in mind that Microsoft, unlike many other firms, does not offer upgrades at a lower price if you are upgrading from a previous version. Bear this in mind. The cost of Microsoft Office is the same whether you are just getting started with it or have been using it since the turn of the century.

Final words

While Microsoft released Windows 11 on the same day it released Office 2021, you can get by just fine without it if you want to use either product. If you are one of the rare customers who must use a 32-bit version of Windows because you have applications that won’t run in 64-bit versions, you should know that Office 2021 comes with a 32-bit version and the setup wizard will automatically install it on a 32-bit Windows system.

You should know that the number of users in this position is small if this describes you. In spite of the fact that only the 64-bit version of Windows 11 will be made available, Microsoft will continue to provide support for the 32-bit version of Windows 10 until 2025.