Why You Should Utilize Emojis

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These days, emojis have become the go-to means of communication for a lot of people. Emojis are an image-based form of language that can be used to send a message or convey an emotion to another person about how you are feeling. Emojis can save people’s time and effort. They are becoming one of the most efficient ways to communicate. 

Using Emojis In Daily Lives

One certain situation wherein an emoji can help save your time is when you are driving or when you are commuting, and suddenly someone from work is sending you a message, asking you if he can get your approval about something. Rather than stressing yourself out in writing a long reply, you can just use an emoji like the thumbs-up emoji (also referred to as the like emoji) to tell the other person that you approve of their request. 

A hand emoji is a good replacement to long written text because sending it requires less effort and it gives the same message as a written text gives because a “hand up”  is a universal symbol for stop or simply a high-five.

Pictorial Representations

Pictorial representations of emotions, such as emojis, now play a major role in communication and other areas. Emojis are now starting to be adapted in research projects to understand how consumers feel about certain products, and to learn what their preferences are. Emojis can be used by consumers to uncover and explain their feelings towards how an advertising concept is making them feel. Emojis can measure a consumer’s appeal, and interest in an idea or a new product. Emojis can be efficiently used in the field of research.

Here are three other reasons why you should used emojis:

  1.  Emojis can grab people’s interest 
  • When looking at statistics about response rates on social media, you can notice that people pay more attention to images rather than words. Images can drive more interaction to your content rather than written text. So be sure to use emojis to grab people’s interest, because it is important to keep your respondents and customers engaged with your content.
  1. Emojis are useful in calculating the emotional response of consumers towards advertisements and product ideas
  • Emojis can be used to assess the emotional response of consumers and can be a great tool to measure and understand a consumers’ emotional reaction, and emotional engagement towards a certain product or advertisement.

Understanding the emotional engagement of consumers is important because this type of data can be used in getting an insight into how a customer feels towards a product. It allows companies and brands to have a depth of understanding of their customer’s issues, concerns, or recommendations. 

  • Emojis can be used in marketing
  • Emojis are getting more and more popular in advertising. Emojis are even being used in advertising campaigns in mass-marketing. Using emojis in marketing and advertising is effective because they elicit an emotional response from consumers. It has been found that when people look at emojis, it stimulates the same parts of the brain that gets stimulated when we look at a real human face. This makes emojis a perfect way to evoke and measure an emotional response.