Why Web Development Agency should Give Importance to Web APIs

With the consistent increase in the level of competition in business sector, success and survival of an online business would be a dream if it does not invest in web development and web design services. Here comes the role of a reputed web development agency named Bright staffed with qualified web developers to perform detailed analysis and deliver the best possible solutions. Especially, most of the web developers consider and use web Application Program Interface as important tool to deliver unique web development solutions.

Overview of API i.e. Application Program Interface

API i.e. Application Program Interface consists of a set of protocols and routines, which provide strong building blocks to web developers for designing software applications. Before few years, APIs were related to desktop applications only. However, during the recent few years, the entire world has witnessed the emergence of web services i.e. Web APIs.

Role of Web APIs

If we talk about the experts of Bright, this agency uses Web Application Program Interface to create mashups i.e. web-based applications and web pages by the help of data obtained from different online sources. Even though web APIs for web developmentare available for multiple industries, a few of them are widely used and popular in different categories. These include mapping, social networking, music and shopping.

Browser APIs and Server APIs

Browser APIs

In the case of browser API, an expert of a web development team may get access to specific low-level functions to come up with an improved performance. Local Storage is the best example of a browser API, as it helps in storing value pairs in the browser of its own client.

Server APIs

Also known as cloud solutions, server APIs perform specific type of activities and experts of this agency can access it by entering certain commands. Besides, web developers use either of the communication language i.e. JSON or XML while they have to communicate with any of the Server APIs. Moreover, by using server APIs, one can send information to endpoints specified by qualified Application Program Interface developers.

Significance of Web APIs for Web Developers

Web APIs are not only beneficial for companies involved in web-sites development experts, but also for end users. Accordingly-

Web Developers get Plenty of Advanced Features

Web APIs integrate large numbers of advanced features and functions into newly design and developed websites. Moreover, web APIs give a relatively higher level of flexibility and customization as compared to simple copy and paste type of widgets.

Gateway to Increase the Overall Performance

Performance is tricky in case of websites and web applications. For this, web APIs provide few of the performance metrics to make sure any application works fast. These are-

  • High tolerance to any fault
  • Fast response
  • Clearer user interface
  • Dynamic level of load carrying capacity
  • High cohesion of data

Web APIs Significance for Other Professionals and Users

API Providers

A uniquely designed API used mainly by today’s web development community is a powerful promotional tool. This is because-

  • It creates brand loyalty
  • It increases others’ interests in the company’s offered products and/or services
  • It boosts online traffic for any website
  • It gives various useful tools for customers

End Users

Any good web API has prime role to boost the usefulness of any website and to make it an enjoyable as well as interactive one.