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Why Snovio Email Drip Campaigns Are Better Than Manual Follow-ups: The Tool Review

Traditional email campaigns got outdated over time since they bombarded all the prospects in the list with the same generic messages. Email drip campaigns gave a second inning to email marketing by making messages more relevant and better targeted.

Today, companies of all sizes use drip campaigns which are affordable and much more effective than the obsolete mass emailing techniques used just a few years back.

What are email drip campaigns?

Simply stated, a drip campaign refers to a series of emails that are automated to be delivered in a set order based upon a predetermined timing or certain triggers specific to the responses of the recipients.

Email drip campaigns let you stay in touch with the subscribers and prospects without annoying them with irrelevant emails. For example, when you send out an email to the leads, you don’t blindly send out follow-up emails to all the recipients of the first email. Instead, the text of the second message varies depending upon how the recipients responded to the first email and if they’ve responded at all.

Accordingly, you may send out one message to those who clicked the link in the first email and another message to others.

Basically, you’ve got to prepare a series of email messages, set the triggers, and schedule the messages according to the linked triggers. Once you set and launch a drip campaign, it automatically does the rest of the work for you.

Snovio drip emails

The popular email marketing platform Snovio has introduced the drip emails tool so that you can manage the entire email marketing tasks from a single platform. Thus, you can now use the same platform that you’ve been using for finding emails, verifying them, and tracking the sent emails to set and launch automated drip email campaigns.

Note that sending drip emails without the help of an automation tool is not only time-consuming but almost impossible. Snovio now lets you set up and run smart drip campaigns, keeping you in complete control of the workflow.

Their drag and drop email builder is extremely user-friendly. It does not require you to possess any technical skills to design highly converting email messages. The highly intuitive interface guides you through the process of creating a campaign with maximized delivery, open, and response rates.

Businesses can also use Snovio drip emails to communicate and negotiate with bloggers, influencers, and media houses without having to manually keep track of past communication.

In short, you can perform the following functions using Snovio drip emails tool:

  • Design highly effective emails by using and customizing the given templates.
  • Set up a personalized email sequence using their intuitive drag-and-drop campaign editor.
  • Set timers, time lapses, and triggers for sending automated follow-up emails.
  • Collect real-time stats, analyze the results visually, and track the performance of the campaign.

Important elements of an email sequence

Each drip campaign is different based upon its goal, product, industry, etc. However, almost all email sequences have certain common elements:

Initial email: This is the first email of the campaign. It usually introduces the recipient to the main subject of the campaign.

Reminder email: It usually reminds the recipients of the initial offer if they do not open the previous email.

Content email: This type of email is used to educate the leads, show them value in the deal, and push them to the goal.

Special offer email: This email is used to give the subscribers and registered users special offer or deal to buy something.

Goodbye email: It’s the last email you are sending to a recipient, usually when they do not click or respond to the previous emails. You can use it to resend a special offer or something else that is likely to return the recipient to your business.

Give it a shot

Snovio email drip campaign is a useful tool for all email marketers. Irrespective of the size of the business, it’s sure to add to the revenue streams. Initially, you can begin with a basic campaign to test waters and then modify it for better performance as you progress.