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Which Vocations Benefit the Most from Using a Rotary Table

Rotary motion tables are incredibly helpful solutions in all industries. Producing various types of rotary motion systems, including those with linear motion or vertical lifting, with mechanical and air bearings, with axial and radial air bearings, using a ball screw-based mechanism or solutions with direct drive motors, our products can fit into any industry.

However, each type of rotary table from our broad assortment of products is best suited to a specific industry. With that in mind, here are some vocations that will achieve a lot of progress and gain many benefits by using our rotary tables!

Join us to find out which type of our rotary table will improve your business and help you stay ahead of the competition!

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry requires lots of rough works, while throughput motion control solutions and high precision are still necessary. Although it seems challenging, we’ve designed and produced lots of rotary motion models suitable for the automotive industry.

Based on your needs, you can choose your rotary table with direct drive, worm gear, pinion gear or belt driven mechanism with various types of motors, including variations of stepper or servo motors. Moreover, our rotary tables will meet your requirements when it comes to precision – available from 4 to 180 microns.

Load capacity is also variable, available from 1 kg to 1000 kg, based on the dimension of a top diameter, available from 30 to 1232 mm.

Medical / Pharmaceutical Industry

Our rotary tables with center hole-through, available with diameters from 110 to 490 mm, with direct drive motors, belt drive mechanism or worm gear systems are a perfect solution for all industries requiring high precision, including medical or pharmaceutical. The hole-through design is specially designed for small animal scanning.

Send us a query and we’ll help you choose one of 30 products from this category designed to meet all your requirements.

CNC Machining

Specially designed and produced for CNC machining, our IP rated rotary tables with protection against intrusion of water and any type of contamination will improve all your business processes. With motorized actuators and direct drive rotary servo systems, IP65, IP66, and IP67 rotary tables are perfect for CNC machining.

To meet with all your requirements, our gearless rotary tables suitable for your industry can be found in various dimensions, with several load capacity options as shown below.

Available diameters / Load capacity: 200 mm/100 kg, 160 mm/50 kg, 235 mm/150 kg, 385 mm/500 kg, and 250 mm/60 kg.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our ultra-thin rotary tables with ball bearings and direct drive, suitable for semiconductor manufacturing are available in various dimensions. You can choose your perfect rotary table with a top diameter from 116 to 616 mm, center aperture from 32 up to 487 mm, with a stage height of 22 mm.

If you use our rotary tables, your semiconductor manufacture will be more accurate, and all processes will be quicker and safer. Choose the most suitable solution.

Other Industries

Since our rotary tables can handle repeatability from 0.24 to 120 microns, with peak torque from 1 Nm to 2622 Nm, at speeds from 3 rpm to 1400 rpm, these cutting edge technology is suitable for other industries, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, jewelry industry, optical industry, plant engineering, and many more.

The Bottom Line

Suitable both for heavy duty works and for the finishing touches, IntelLiDrives Inc. offers the best solutions which can improve all the manufacturing processes in all industries and across all verticals. Today’s market is more demanding than ever, and that’s why you should keep up with the latest trends.

By using our products, you’ll allow your employees to stay focused and complete even the most challenging tasks. To stay ahead of the competition, give us a call today or send us a query – we’ll try to meet your standards and become a part of your success story!

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