What skills data analyst should project:

Data analyst are the one who deals with descriptive statistics, visualize data and knows how to communicate data for conclusion. Data analyst should be able to ask specific question and discuss what the data look like and present the data effectively in the company for the efficient growth of it. If you are looking to be a data analyst in future, you must reflect these four skills:

  • A better understanding of mathematical statistics
  • Understanding of R and python
  • Data wrangling
  • Understand PIG/HIVE

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Difference between the data scientist and data analyst:

Data scientist are the one who predicts future from past patterns, estimating the unknowns, they are expect to bring their own questions, and they not just highlight the business problem but select those problems that will have the most business value once solved. Whereas data analyst is the one, who only ministers significant bits of knowledge from data. Data analyst involves looking at the known from new perspectives, answer the given set of questions from data and address business problem.

Difference between machine learning and data science:

Machine learning is a study of forecasting future trend of a particular topic, and it uses algorithms to use data. The traditional machine learning includes statistical analysis and predictive analysis that is use to find hidden insight based on given data. Some of the skills that can shape your future in the fast-growing domain: one should be expert in computer fundaments. Machine learner should exhibit deep knowledge of programming skills, probability and statistics. They also require data modelling and evaluation skills. The difference between data science and machine learning is, data science is a broad term which not only focuses on algorithm and statistics but also focuses entire data processing. Data science incorporate multiple disciplines including data analysis, software and data engineering, machine learning predictive analysis, business analytics and much more. Whereas machine learning uses some techniques like regression and supervised clustering. Data Science Course covers every area from data collection to machine learning.