What Is C#? A Brief Guide to This Programming Language

Did you know that the 1st programming language was FORTRAN? It was created in 1956 and was short for Formula Translation.

Today, there are numerous programming languages to choose from! One of the most popular is C#.

You might wonder, what is C#, and how is it beneficial? If this is the case, read on to better understand this helpful programming language today!

What Is C#?

C# uses object-oriented programming created by Microsoft for the NET platform. It uses elements of both C++ and C languages.

It’s easy to use and can be implemented for many general uses. You can use it for programming mobile applications along with auxiliary programs.

It includes component-oriented, functional, strong typing, and other programming disciplines. It can work with both embedded and hosted systems.

The Pros of C#

It’s easy to learn! Children can learn this programming language with ease.

C# is also a safer language to use than C and C++. These languages could damage your operating system. It’s also open source! This means that it’s free to use however you’d like.

C# is also improving over time. C# has a strong community and Microsoft behind it. Due to this, it’s evolving much quicker than many other languages.

There are many free resources to learn C#! Before it’s sent to any other application, the code will be checked.

The Cons of C#

C# has faster results than Java. But C++ tends to be a more effective option. While it has good processing power and memory, it can’t compete with other C languages.

It also relies on the .NET platform. It won’t work as well without this platform.

Common Uses

C# is often used for macOS and Linux applications. You can find it used with apps and web services.

Windows desktop applications also use it. Game development and mobile development use C# as well. You can use a c# qr code reader.

It could help with:

  • Video games
  • Backend services
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Azure cloud applications and services
  • Windows services
  • Web services and Web API

C# Arrays

An array is a collection of types or objects. Array elements in C# can be any type.

These include jagged, multidimensional, and single-dimensional. Arrays start at 0.

They can be dynamic or fixed lengths. Dynamic arrays increase when you add new items to the array.

A fixed-length array stores a predefined number of items. Once defined, you can change a dynamic array to static.

C# Collections

C# collections manipulate, manage, and store data. You can insert, find, remove, and add data in the collection. There are non-generic and generic collections.

Better Understanding C#

After exploring this guide, you should be able to answer the question, what is C#? Check online resources and consider taking a course or 2 to better understand it.

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