What do Non-Fiction Authors Write About?

There are two major categories in which books and articles are divided:

The first one is fictional.

The second one is non-fictional.

If you are thinking of writing a book, the most important thing that you need to decide is whether you would want to write a fictional book or a non-fictional one. No doubt there are thousands of writers in the field of fiction, there are a lot of popular non fiction authors as well who have gained a lot of respect from their readers.

The most important question is – what do non-fiction authors write about?

When it comes to fiction, it is either an exaggerated piece of personal experience or heard stories or a work of pure imagination. However, when it comes to non-fiction subjects, the writers need to have a lot of research so that no fingers can be pointed at them.

The first and the most important thing that non-fiction writers write is the self-help book. Whether it is about improving personal hygiene or the way you need to make your mind to earn more and more money, you can achieve everything with the help of a self-help book. It ensures to give you tips on how to improve yourself, your life and the life of others around you.

The second thing that non-fiction writers write is motivation. They want to ensure to motivate people and thus, they prefer writing inspirational things which are not fictional at all. They find stories from people around them, or even about their personal experiences, so that they can achieve the end result of motivating people around them.

Most of the work of non-fiction writers requires a lot of research, unless they are writing something that is based on their personal experience or life (like an autobiography).