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What Administrators Need to Include in Their School Safety Plans

There were 34 school shootings in 2021, the highest in the last four years.

School administrators are struggling to keep up with the increasing number of security threats. They wonder how to enhance school safety and security without inconveniencing students and teachers.

Here are things these administrators should include in their school safety plans.

Creating a Safe and Secure Environment

A considerable part of your school safety plans should concentrate on preventing attacks. You should engage various stakeholders to anticipate the threats the schools face. Next, take preventive actions to mitigate these threats.

Here are some of the things you can do to create a safe and secure school environment:

  • Install metal detectors across major school entrances
    • Install a surveillance system
    • Hire security personnel and equip them with the necessary gear
    • Restrict access only to authorized persons
    • Use technology to identify troubled students who pose a threat to other students and staff

You want to implement measures that make students and staff feel safe and secure at school. So, it’s important to check these measures regularly. The idea is to drop redundant school safety measures and implement new effective ones.

Emergency Procedures and Protocols

Your school safety plans should clearly state how to handle an emergency. The idea is to direct the students and staff on how to respond to reduce casualties. You should state the communication channels to use during an emergency.

So, supply the security personnel with the right communication equipment such as two-way radios. Compare different types of two-way radios to decide the one(s) to buy. If you can’t afford to buy them, consider affordable two-way radio rentals.

Your goal is to streamline communication during an emergency, enhancing school safety. So, take time to train the school’s security personnel on how to use a walkie talkie.

Training and Drills for Staff and Students

Knowing what to do during an emergency and doing it are two different things. The school’s staff and students will most likely freeze during an attack. That’s why part of school safety plans should involve drills.

The idea is to carry out different safety drills that help you gauge the school’s ability to handle an emergency. The drills will give the staff and students practical guidelines on the best ways to respond to an emergency. Also, the drills will help you collect data that you’ll use to improve school safety and security.

Protect Students and Staff by Implementing the Right School Safety Plans

As a school administrator, it’s your duty to keep the students and staff safe. Review the above things to know which ones to include in your school safety plans. The goal is to take proactive measures to prevent attacks and create a safe environment.

You also need to train the students and staff on how to respond to different emergencies to minimize casualties.

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