Various Modes of e-Learning for Students

Students always feel bored while studying the same books every day. They always need something new which can make studying a joyful task. For those who want to study and don’t want to get bored, e-Learning is the ultimate solution for them. So, what is e-Learning? e-Learning is the use of technology to connect the instructor to the students. The sessions can be delivered in a number of ways. In the past, these were done using floppy disks, interactive video disk, and CD-ROMs.

Most recently web technology is being used as a mode of learning for students.

Web-based Training

This type of training is accessed via web browsers and the good part of this training is that it can be accessed at user’s own place and a user’s own time. The user doesn’t have to travel to get access to training or to the study material. As most of the web-based contents are in the audio-video format and these audio-video contents also have interactive animations and images which makes it a user-friendly medium to deliver the study material.

Offline Learning or computer-based learning

This type of training can be accessed offline on computers or at any mobile device.  As these study materials are loaded in a memory card or in a hard drive, users can just plug and play the videos or they can read the study materials at their own place and at their own pace. Using these kinds of study materials will help those students who live in places where there is no internet connectivity.


A webinar session is like an online workshop or just an online classroom where different students from different corners of the world study together from an instructor or from a group of instructors. One of the best parts of this kind of sessions is that one can host a large group where they can share their thoughts and can ask questions in the ongoing class or training session. In addition to these, they can also share study materials or documents to each other. For example, you are taking a class of statistics and you are not able to understand a formula or some part of it, you can inform the instructor instantly that you are not able to understand the formula.

App-based learning

In app-based learning, the students can learn using mobile applications. There are lots of mobile applications for different operating systems, one has to choose the best or according to their need. These educational applications are designed in a very interactive way that unmotivated learners glue their seats throughout the entire chapters. The developers of these applications keep updating their mobile applications according to the latest syllabus release. Suppose you want to study about natural number, in this case, search for the mathematics apps and check their ratings and reviews before downloading them.

The world is changing every day and a new technology is invented every hour to make our life easy and simple. Gone are the days when people used to study only via textbooks, now students and working professionals are also studying using audio-video technologies. According to a recent survey, people who study using audios and videos are able to remember or retain the concept for a longer duration of time.

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