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Using Salesforce for charities


Effective execution of functions of non-profit organizations represent a pleasant opportunity. Salesforce fundraising database allows you to solve issues that can arise in such establishments. Long-term assistance, implementation of key functions and organization of work in a CRM service will be quite relevant. Managing funds, volunteers and donations will become a simple task.

Analysis of Salesforce for fundraising at nonprofits

The platform for managing non-profit organizations is used as a tool that helps to organize your work. Modern problem solutions allow you to control the process with no significant costs. You can carry out the optimization of your resource and attract new contributors using a single universal component.

In addition, you can use Salesforce donation processing service in other ways:

  • special cloud storage allows you to control the received donations;
  • organization of collected donations at a real meeting or to a virtual account;
  • monitoring and tracking the movement of funds of a non-profit organization;
  • communication with regular members of the community and guests of the service;
  • possibility to save data in the service store Salesforce billing module.

You can explore the possibilities of free components by watching a special training video. In addition, the billing integration Salesforce is also available for mobile devices (phones and tablets). You can track the status of your account anywhere if there is an Internet connection.

This modern system consists of a set of free components. Heads of non-profit organizations choose services that will be used as part of their charity work. The assistance of consultants will make all the capabilities of the CRM platform simple and understandable.

Improving your work with best practices of Salesforce non-profit fundraising


Nonprofit Salesforce consulting allows you to determine the components you need. If you choose such activities, they can facilitate management and increase fundraising. Organization of campaigns will not cause you any difficulties, as the service provides its guests and users with access to information.

The choice of additional components depends on several factors:

  • needs of a nonprofit organization in its field of activity;
  • difficulties of working with volunteers, members or sponsors;
  • needs to track the actions of participants in the CRM service.

You need to make a decision regarding functions in order for the system to work smoothly and efficiently. The search for resources on third-party sites is carried out with the help of the platform. The starter pack of Salesforce CRM for non profit is adapted to the needs of organizations.

Users of the service get more possibilities through continuous improvement. Integration with applications allows you to protect your data and analyze the work of your organization. You can see the examples of using the platform at