Top 5: These are the technology trends in medium-sized companies

Understand future technologies!

Technology is evolving faster than ever before. New technologies are constantly finding their way into our lives. Of course, this does not mean that old technologies will disappear, but the relevance will shift. You can read about which technologies and concepts are becoming more important, what the current status is and what opportunities lie for the industry in our “Future Technologies” section – this way!

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Our editor Julia Dusold has summarized an overview of the most relevant future technologies and their industrial applications in this compendium: ” These are the most important future technologies “.

These five trends are keeping medium-sized companies busy

The data analysis revealed five overarching trends:

  • Digitization of SMEs
  • Digital business transformation
  • Online Qualification
  • knowledge transfer
  • Digital Foresight

A more in-depth look at the results also identified ten relevant technologies that have received significant attention in the Twitter dataset over the past five years. Among other things, the analysis shows that the most important trend is the digitization of SMEs in general. At the same time, the topic of sustainability gained more attention in the same period and is therefore becoming increasingly present and relevant for medium-sized companies.

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Artificial intelligence is the most cited technology

The analysis in the identification of the “Artificial Intelligence” cluster, which alone has 55,378 mentions in the data set, confirms that the use of artificial intelligence is becoming more important for companies. In addition to the clusters of sustainability (17,380 mentions) and technologies in production (9,263 mentions), trends such as cryptography and autonomous systems are also increasingly coming into focus. These results not only provide a real overview of relevant trends and technologies in SMEs, but should also serve as a compass for your own technology scouting.

The study offers suggestions for the management of small and medium-sized companies. The results are intended to encourage SMEs to deal with the identified trends and technologies and to give impulses to examine the applicability and areas of application of these technologies for companies and to transfer them to them.

The starting point for SMEs can be specific maturity models such as the SME digital check, further training, but also exchange in networks. If the identified technologies are of importance for the respective company, the information and qualification offers can be used here to develop and implement possible fields of application in your own company or for customers.