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Top 5 Red-Hot Emerging Trends In Exhibition

ExpoMarketing is among the most effective ways of turning your prospects into clients. However, to actualize that, you will need to employ specific and well-thought strategies designed to appeal to them. The current or emerging trends are one of the methods that should help you make a substantial impact on the market. 

If you are a business owner or marketer and thoughtful about maximizing your exhibition ROI, you should understand that a majority of B2B marketers agree that statistics play a vital role. It has been noted that a whopping 90% of exhibition attendees align with specific products based on the perception they will make of the booth. 

To help you make the most out of the expomarketing and eventually grow in the industry, you will need to focus on making an impact on your prospects. And that is as simple as paying close attention to the result-oriented trends. They include;

  1. Advanced technology

Technology is ever-evolving, and deciding to incorporate and use hi-tech systems has taken customer experience by storm. Beacon technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence are some forms of advanced technology that can be effectively used to improve customer experience. Take artificial intelligence as an example; it can help in virtual sales assistance and chatbots that will enhance security through systems such as voice and facial recognition.

  1. Customer-centric approach

Today, successful exhibit marketing is not all about creativity in stand designs; it has a lot more to do with the overall customer experience. For a reason that narrows down to what makes your brand extraordinary at the exhibition, connecting with your prospects or customers on an emotional level will create a good rapport with them. 

Everything in your stand should be innate towards actualizing a common goal. Being clear to the potential clients on how they will benefit will result in them making more informed decisions. This can be realized by using graphics or displays. In simple terms, the whole idea behind this trend is focusing on the customer experience and not the exhibition size. 

  1. The un-booth

The days when typical exhibition stands with simple graphics attracted customers are long gone. Today, clients are wooed more by the fresh ideas exhibitors inject to their stands. Some of the most excellent un-booth ideas include food/bar counters for prospects to relax, mobile phone charging stations, and a relaxed environment for attendees to make them feel at home.

  1. Multi-sensory experiences

Connecting all the senses can be used to make lasting impressions to the attendees of the exhibitions. Today, exhibitions have gone beyond concentrating on sounds and sights. Depending on the products or services being exhibited, exhibitors are making use of all the five senses to improve the prospects’ experiences. 

  1. Connecting socially

Although social media is not a brand new concept, they can play a vital role in enhancing the impact of the exhibition either before, during, or even after. They help in communication, as well as gauging the impact the exhibition is having on the masses. 


If done the right way, expomarketing goes a long way in attaining the goals of an organization. One of the ways of doing it right involves understanding and applying the current and emerging trends.