The Smartest Details for the Best Website Template

To launch the site creation tool for the first time, you choose a predefined type from among various choices called topics.

Step one: choose the type of website

Once you open the tool with your choice of site type as a backdrop, you can explore a variety of other site templates. To see them, go to the Style tab in the Themes section.

Types of templates available

By dragging the scroll bar to the left, you will see that there are two types of templates:

Generated Templates

From a rather “classic” look, these themes show the numerous layouts of structures, styles and colors possible with the creation tool. They allow you to transform the structure of your site with complete freedom. Generated templates are displayed randomly by the system and are refreshed each time the site creation tool is opened. With website templates this is the best deal.

Specific Templates

More “contemporary” style, these themes are designed by Web designers. They show all the advantages offered by the creation tool.

Specific templates are “ready-to-go” websites. Even if you can rework a good part of their structure, you could choose one and publish it as is after customizing the colors, font, images and some features.

Compatibility with mobile devices

Most of the specific templates have been designed to adapt to mobile devices. If you choose one of these, check what your site looks like by publishing the template and uploading it to an electronic tablet or smartphone.

  • Although they may not have been thought for mobile devices, you can also customize the Generated templates. Here’s how.
  • In the authoring tool, after loading your template (see below in the column) go to the Style tab in the Layout section.

Shutters: Choose the option without shutters by checking no.

Website width: Check the Flexible box.

Templates compatibles mobiles

You will have a website without columns, but the display will automatically be compatible with mobile devices without further manipulation.

If you want your site to have a more specific look or you plan to put a lot of content into it, there are other simple options for making your site mobile. Discover them in the chronicle:

Create a mobile site

How to choose a template

In the Style section Themes tab, browse the templates and click on your favorite. It will be displayed automatically.

How to change templates

You want to change templates? Further down in the authoring tool, locate the More button and click the arrow to the right. Choose one of two options:

Delete and start a new site

You will need to confirm the operation and then you will be taken to the topics page to choose a new type of website. Once in the site creation tool, you can load another template.