The New Updates and the Safety and Hack of Instagram

On March 21st, Facebook revealed that it had unprotected the passwords of Facebook users. Now the company rectifies the figure and corrects itself by admitting that the Instagram users affected are”millions”and not”tens of thousands”.

The confirmation comes in an update note to the information previously revealed by the social network.

A month ago Facebook admitted that, following a routine security review, password lists had been found saved in readable and unencrypted format within the company’s storage systems

In this note, the deputy chairman of Facebook’s engineering, security and privacy division, Pedro Canahuati, writes,”We discovered additional Instagram password registers that were stored in a readable format.”

Canahuati adds:

“We now estimate that this problem has had an impact on millions of Instagram users. We will notify these users as we have done with others. Our investigations have established that these stored passwords have not been abused internally or have not been correctly consulted.”

However, in updating the note it is not specified how many millions of users were involved. Facebook has told Tech Cruch that the social network does not yet have”a specific number”to share and did not specify exactly when the discovery would take place, which added a couple of zeros to the password account, transforming”tens of thousands”into”Millions”.

Basically, your account login username and password are subtracted from you, so you will no longer have possession and administration.

In fact, once the thief comes into possession of your profile, he will immediately modify the main credentials, username, password, email address and connected phone number. In this way you will be denied the standard account recovery, which would have allowed you to request a new password from Instagram, and then immediately take it back. Thus, if you have smaller amount of time, then it is for sure that you can make use of the Instagram hack tool. It will be a perfect and easy to use option for you and you will be able to have a perfect addressing to the whole process.

Unfortunately, the trouble does not end there

Once your profile has been stolen, the hacker’s second goal will be to get your email address, the one with which you registered with Instagram. This will allow him to be and permanently remain the new owner of your (ex) account and therefore also of your e-mail inbox.

Here, before your email address is hacked, we advise you to immediately report to Instagram Customer Service. Just follow this procedure, as described.

But be careful: Before the recovery procedure you should know that you need to be registered with Facebook as a user, to be able to complete and correctly send your support request to Instagram. As we all know, the two social networks are connected to each other.