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The Importance and Benefits of Blogging – Why are There so Many Tech Blogs?

Technical blogging is one of the best ways of sharing your expertise while working towards building a valuable readership. You can document projects and also offer guidance to other internet users. You can not only utilize your blog for marketing your services but also monetize your content. Although technical blogs have similar characteristics as the non-technical ones, refining the technique of blogging will make blogs more accessible and accepted.

Regardless of a programmer’s knowledge or level of skill, he always uses Google for information. This leads him to find effective documentation which often offers a viable solution to some problem. Only if the person is extremely lucky, he will find something much better than his normal internet-searching trysts – a great blog post. The technical blogs like are treasure chests which are hidden within the depths of the sea of internet and which are pretty hard to uncover.

Why should you start tech blogging?

The foremost question to ask is why someone should start blogging! While there are several reasons to start blogging, the most important once is exposure. Software engineers operate globally and considering the total numbers of projects out there in the market, you are actually competing with the whole world. Hence, you need to act and think globally.

CV in the world of tech is almost dead and hence exposure is extremely important. People will find you through Google search, read what you’re posting and even offer you something based on that. If a software engineer uploads his articles everywhere on the web, the companies or recruiters can find them and get in touch with him on a weekly basis. Opportunities will come to you instead of you having to chase them.

Technical blogs offer a different type of contribution

Blogging may not seem to be as thrilling and interesting as giving a technical talk or writing something on the new feature of the framework but this is a form of contribution which is lacking severely and which is extremely necessary within our community. As an increasingly large number of people know how to code, will all face the same issues. The seasoned developers are already solving their issues and they already have a strong understanding on what causes their problems and how to solve them.

However, it is not just that the experienced programmers should blog as the junior technical developers can also contribute as much of what is needed. When you write about the things that you know of or that you find interesting or you simply don’t know of, you are not just teaching yourself but also sharing your knowledge with everyone who is going through your post.

Regardless of the approach that you take with regards to technical blogging, one thing is for sure; technical blogging will have a positive impact on both you and your community. Initially, you may find it tough to work it out but once you start off, you’ll soon realize the benefits. 

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