The At Home Tech Entertainment Must Haves

The home entertainment sector has changed and is currently one of the fastest growing most spoken and written about aspects of our time. Smart tech is the way of the future and as such it is important to know as much as you can about the current trends, tech needs and possibilities for the entire family.

The Big Screen

Every family needs the smart television to be able to watch the big game or the family Friday night movie. This is generally the centerpiece of the smart home entertainment set up in the sense that its where the entertainment will be accessed and enjoyed from. Ensure that it’s quality that will last you and be able to put up with all the hands and high levels of usage that family entertainment will demand of it.


There can be no home entertainment without decent sound. Whether it’s surround sound speakers or in-ear pods. In fact, many homes have a mix of all of these sound aspects, and they are used in different circumstances. So, when there is the need for privacy and in-room entertainment that the family does on its own and in a personal sense then earphones and ear pods are needed and again family games night will need the best surround sound that you have. 

Personal tech

There is then personal technology that you will need to keep in touch with friends and family as well as to keep your social media updated. This is tech such as tablets, smart phones and any hand-held consoles. A great example is the new Lenovo Childrens Tablet range that  manages to mix usability with toughness, making for a great personal technology that you must consider as a component of the in-home entertainment set up.

The smart connected speaker

Yes, some may call it the personal home assistant or Alexa/Google but it’s a common feature of the modern home and is used to connect and integrate the smart home tech that you have in place. It allows everyone to chance to listen to their own music and can be a wealth of information and service advice.

A safety protocol

It may not sound very entertaining, but the fact that we access most entertainment online and in the cloud means that we need to be sure of our protection when we are doing this. There thus needs to be a strict and clear privacy and security protocol that is observed by all who access the home entertainment hub.

These are the simple must haves and there will be many a smart home that has a lot more than this for home entertainment. The aim should be to have what the family needs and no more, if you’re not using it but have it piled up in the home, then you’re not making the most of the equipment you have – a waste given how expensive home entertainment can be. Keep it simple and ensure that the family are involved in determining what you need in the home to keep everyone happy.