Starting a Podcast: Podcast Formats to Consider for Your Show


Did you know that nearly 60% of American consumers regularly listen to podcasts? What’s more, well over half of those people listen to an entire show. However, with well over 2 million podcast shows out there, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

You need a few things to ensure your podcast gets noticed. For one, you need to focus on a unique niche. You also need to ensure your content is of good quality and presented in a format that listeners are familiar with.

Read on to learn all about the most popular podcast formats and determine which is right for you.


The interview format is one of the most popular in podcasting today. Usually, a host (or sometimes two hosts) chats with a new guest in each episode. The reader benefits because they get insight into a particular topic through the expertise and experience of the guest.

There are few downsides to this popular format, though the constant pressure to find exciting guests can get tiring.

Solo or Monologue

Here, a single host presents the topics that interest their niche. This could be anything from Tarot readings to discussing political viewpoints.

Since you’re relying entirely on your personality to bolster the popularity of your podcast, the solo podcast requires a lot of planning and quality sound production. Don’t hesitate to hire a podcast production service if you don’t think you can meet those high standards alone.


Educational podcasts focus on educating the listener on a particular topic.

Perhaps you are an expert in personal finance and have the drive to help others master their budgets and start saving. Maybe you know a lot about growing edible plants in the city and want everyone to have a garden in their backyard.

It doesn’t really matter what the subject of your podcast is. You simply need an audience that wants to learn how to do it, too!


If you’re podcasting in 2022, you’ve undoubtedly come across the co-hosted format. If you know someone you have a lot of fun chatting with and who has similar (or differing) viewpoints to you and a great “radio voice,” you might have a winning co-hosted podcast on your hands.

Remember, this format is popular only if the co-hosts have great chemistry.

Another riff on this format is a panel or roundtable, where numerous guests debate or discuss a pre-set topic.


There are two types of narrative podcast formats: non-fiction and fiction.

Among the most popular non-fiction podcasts are true crime and those that focus on the history (notorious or not) of leading businesses or brands. Like novels, fiction podcasts come in almost every genre, from sci-fi to fantasy to YA.

Both styles are, of course, always serialized, where new episodes are released weekly or otherwise regularly.

Podcast Formats That Keep Listeners Engaged

Understanding podcast formats is one of the first steps in creating a podcast show. Once you know which podcast style you want to produce, you have a solid plan to guide your research and production efforts. This consistency will also ensure your readers know what to expect from your podcast, keeping them coming back for more.

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