Speed Test: Is Fiber Internet Better?

In the United States, high speed internet is common with 75% of people reporting that they have it at home.

While that leaves millions without high speed internet, the question often arises as to what kind of internet is the best. People often wonder, is fiber internet better? Or should they stick with cable or DSL options?

Let’s take a look at what makes the best internet option, and which option is the best for you.

High Speed Internet

The value of high speed internet is obvious. So many tasks that in the past required driving, personal visits, and phone calls can now be taken care of via the internet. This is true whether you get your high speed internet via the cell phone or a home computer.

When it comes to gaming, working from home, and other common practices, high speed internet reigns supreme. It eliminates most of the waiting that used to come with old dialup connections, and makes the experience of using the internet more enjoyable. No one wants to wait for pages to load.

Best High Speed Internet

Fiber is the fastest high speed internet available to consumers. You may be wondering, is it only about speed, or why is fiber internet better? Fiber internet also has less downtime and interruptions than other forms of high speed internet, making it more stable to use.

In fact, the speed difference can be shocking. Fiber internet is often 20x faster than cable and up to 80x faster than DSL. As you can tell, the speed difference between the various high speed internet options isn’t close, fiber is the clear winner.

Compared to cable internet or DSL, fiber internet cost is only a fraction higher. Most users will see only a $10 to $20 dollar increase in their monthly bill. How fiber internet works is that a line or cable is run to the home, and plugged into a modem which then connects to the devices and computers within.

The Best Internet Experience

If you want the best fiber internet, you need to find out which fiber internet companies service your area. This will help you determine the best route to take for your internet experience. Streaming, gaming, and work will all be improved.

To get the best internet possible, look for a CenturyLink authorized sales agent. They can make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal and the fastest possible fiber internet. Don’t risk your work or play with frequent outages or slow connection speeds, fiber is the right choice for you.

Is Fiber Internet Better

So that brings us back to our original question, is fiber internet better? The answer is yes. If you want the best possible speed and a reliable connection that won’t let you down, fiber internet is the solution that will serve you the best.

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