Some Alternatives To Click funnels To Consider

The ClickFunnels platform is used by many online marketers the world over. It’s been endorsed by industry experts and well known bloggers, due to how easily it creates and optimizes advertising funnels. Clickfunnels allows you to create sales pages, landing pages, capture pages, opt in pages, membership websites, webinar funnels and more. This means that marketers can turn their website traffic into customers, obtain new leads and boost their bottom line. Although ClickFunnels has a lot to recommend it, it is not necessarily the best fit for everyone. If you are interested in some alternatives to Clickfunnels, keep reading and we will reveal the three platforms that get our vote.

1) Ontraport

Ontraport is similar to ClickFunnels in many ways. It is an extensive online advertising platform that has a broad range of features. As well as marketing campaigns though, it can handle the sales and finance side of things too. Ontraport also differs from ClickFunnels, in that it places a greater emphasis on the automation of various processes. This might not be the most convenient feature for smaller companies or individual marketers, however for larger, more complex companies it is extremely helpful. While ClickFunnels is an excellent platform for producing sales funnels, Ontraport can do this and much more. Notwithstanding, if you do not want a large part of your company to be tied to one platform, Ontraport is probably not be the best fit for you.

2) Leadpages

Leadpages has been around for a long time, so it has gained a reputation as a reliable landing page solution. It was among the first landing page creators and, since its’ inception, the developers have upgraded its’ features to better fulfill customer requirements. Leadpages differs from ClickFunnels in that it focuses primarily on landing pages, as opposed to sales funnels. Nonetheless, it can still create funnels, albeit with a bit more effort. More than 130 templates are available to use, or you can produce your own. In addition, Leadpages offers Themeforest templates that range in price from ten to thirty dollars.

There are a couple of different editors for landing pages, designed for both experienced marketers and those who are just starting out. Extra help is provided in the beginner edition, whereas the expert edition enables users to edit pages to their precise requirements. Leadpages can be used to host webinars as well, and members can produce popup boxes to appear on pages in any location, so prospects can register for services or to receive emails. The platform is easy to integrate with the majority of membership websites, webinar portals and email providers.

There’s a few price tiers, including advanced, professional and standard. Advanced pricing is $199 per month, professional pricing is $79 per month, and standard pricing is $37 per month. These affordable prices make Leadpages appealing to a lot of people. Better still, a two week free trial is offered, so you can try the service out for yourself before you buy.

3) Instapage

On average, users of Instapage enjoy landing page conversion rates of twenty-two percent. The platform has many features and tools to assist you in creating and optimizing different landing pages. In contrast to most other landing page creators, the interface is straightforward and user friendly, so you can get going as soon as possible after signing up. Other features of the platform include A versus B test results displayed on the dashboard, inbuilt analytics to evaluate landing page performance, and heatmaps that enable you to monitor visitors and optimize pages, so you know where people clicked and what parts of the pages they looked at.