Smartphone Apps Offer Wonderful 3D Wallpapers

Not everyone enjoys pictures of friends, relatives, pets, or even selfies as their smartphone wallpaper. Many people prefer characters from movies, paradisiacal landscapes, or incredible live wallpaper artworks with 3D and motion effects. Others like to express their creativity through animated backgrounds made with a Live Wallpaper Maker – an option offered by some wallpaper apps.

But how to choose a cool wallpaper? There are applications that can help you find the perfect background, whether by theme, image resolution, editing possibilities or other features that matter to you. We have tested some of these apps for Android devices and made a selection of the best ones we found.

Wave Live Wallpapers with Live Wallpaper Maker

It provides many options for those who want to add movement to their smartphone wallpaper. Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker is one of the well-established apps in the personalization category. The app includes a designer-made live wallpapers Gallery and a wallpaper maker tool in My Studio where you can choose snippets from your phone and create moving wallpapers and 3D backgrounds. It allows you to insert photos, GIFs and include text that moves across the screen. Once the live wallpaper is finished, you can set the 3D wallpaper as your smartphone’s background source.

After running the app for the first time, you can choose your favorite wallpaper from a series of categories that Wave Live Wallpapers will suggest. You can add the moving backgrounds and 3D wallpapers to your collection so you can customize your wallpaper later with overlay and touch effects. If you play around with the app well, you’ll find ways to follow other users, share wallpapers with your friends or a larger community, and add more collections. Bonus points for making all the wallpapers fit any phone resolution and for the shuffle wallpapers feature to auto change backgrounds as you like.

Wave Live Wallpapers HD & 3D Wallpaper Maker is available on the Play Store. Its moving wallpapers can be used for free, or with a premium subscription for a free ad experience.

Wallrox Wallpapers

Wallrox Wallpapers is an application created to get you the best wallpapers and backgrounds for your Android. With the app, you can browse an extensive list of fantastic images, all with HD resolutions averaging 2K (3200 x 2560px).

The application is completely free and through the cloud, you can choose the images you want for your smartphone. There are different themes and categories for you to explore, such as mosaic images, geek, landscapes, black and white, Christmas, among others.

Remember that the images are not only for the smartphone background but also for WhatsApp backgrounds, among other chat platforms that have wallpaper features. It is perfect for you to customize your smartphone to your liking.

4K Wallpapers – Auto Wallpaper Changer

With the new feature, it is possible to add different photos to use as wallpaper. You just need to go to the option to change the wallpaper and check whether you want to change it for a specific date or for a time period.

It also allows you to set the wallpaper’s opacity, as well as choose from over 50 solid colors, light and dark, to customize the wallpaper the way you see fit. And do you have one or more existing backgrounds? It can also have its hue changed according to your preferences.

Finally, it is also bringing a simplified search for wallpapers in the app. You can still search by text or you can browse by categories. You can also apply a new sticker called “Stay at Home”, in partnership with the World Health Organization, which encourages people to stay at home. After all, we are still in a pandemic period, right?