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Smarter Options for the chat Processes

To succeed in expressing yourself in a foreign language, no choice must start. Except that it is complicated to converse in a foreign language, especially at the beginning. So here are 5 tips to facilitate the talk to strangers.

To learn, you will dare

In reality, the first mechanism to speak another language is to leave our good culture. Since school, the French school system does not really teach (go, little) the oral and it’s a shame because of course, we are afraid to speak and try in front of others. But to learn, you have to make mistakes and to do that, you have to try to talk. That said, as much reassurance, everyone passes by so we do not hesitate, we speak abroad. The chat rooms are perfect there.

The literal translation, you will forget

Yes it is true, it is easy to use translators and sometimes it is useful to find a well-defined word for example. Nevertheless, the language is a rather indirect language with long and rich sentences and has a large number of words in its dictionary.

The trap of literal translation? Other languages ​​do not work like ours. So it is a question of understanding the logic of the language and of forgetting a bit of mother tongue. In the free chat rooms this is important.


The French, you will avoid

If there is a tempting trap abroad, it is to fall into the ease and talk only between people of the same culture and speaking the same language. Attention, without going to become francophobe (yes, this word exists), of course to speak with his colleagues is allowed. He’ll just have to jump in and out of his comfort zone to converse and learn and if we cannot say a sentence or a word? So it will be necessary to get around what you cannot say or why not mimic it .on a misunderstanding, it can work.

To improve, you will learn

To improve, we make mistakes. But how can we learn from them if we are not aware of what we are doing with them? You have to ask. Foreigners do not correct our mistakes generally so as not to hurt us. So if we are in host families, with roommates or just with people we see regularly, do not hesitate to ask them to correct us. After all, who is better placed than them to teach us to speak their language?

Speaking efforts, you will do

The French accent is legendary, but not especially in the good sense of the word. Why? Let’s be honest, we do not make much effort. So if in class or in front of the people we know, we are not trying: let’s try at least to optimize our efforts abroad and to adopt their accent (unless the destination is Wales, there it gets complicated).