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Saving Facebook Videos with Elmedia Player PRO on Your Mac

Facebook is like a friend to most of the people around the world. There’s not a single day for millions of people around the world that they wouldn’t go in to it. Mostly the interesting videos posted from different part of the world which is awesome. Sometime some videos attracts you so much that you want to download them instantly, but Facebook offers no external link to download them from. So, what is your option to download facebook video on mac?

Elmedia Player is the ultimate app to download Facebook videos.

Elmedia Player Pro version is your ultimate choice, because if you have watched a video and then you are not finding the video on Facebook, you can still download the video from Facebook. Also, Elmedia Player PRO can download private Facebook videos easily. Also you can play the video you download on Elmedia as well as other video formats.

Download Elmedia Player to save videos of Facebook.

Simply click “Download: button to download Elmedia to your Mac. Then install it on your computer and launch Elmedia Player app.

Activate the PRO version by clicking on “Activate PRO version” and then put the code on the box as received with your order. Then press OK and the Elmedia Player PRO version gets activated.

You are also recommended to integrate your web browser and Elmedia Player which will help you to download online movies too.

The Elmedia automatically saves the downloaded file in to your hard disk after you initiate download command and you will find your downloaded file on the directory specified in Elmedia Player preferences.

With Elmedia Player Pro you also get additional features:

  1. Make screenshots.
  2. Download videos from internet.
  3. Download YouTube Videos.
  4. Flash Projector to SWF converter.
  5. Playback options are flexible.
  6. Airplay.