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Review of Stellar Photo Repair Software

“Recently the JPEG files in my system got corrupt, leaving me in a tensed situation. I could not afford to lose the decade old memories stored in those files. Then I visited the website of Stellar and downloaded the latest version of Stellar Repair for Photo Software.

JPEG is the best file format for photographers because it is higher in contrast, sharper, able to manipulate without losing the data, suitable for printing, and, automatically processed by the camera. JPEG format is easily readable by any image program available in the market. Also, the file transfer time duration in JPEG files is much shorter due to its large compression ratio. However, JPEG file is highly prone to corruption and has few disadvantages as mentioned below.

What are the limitations of JPG/JPEG format?

  1. JPEG format is not suitable for monochrome graphics.
  2. Compression in image degrades the quality. The image quality becomes harsh as it splits into blocks of 8×8 dimension after squeezing.
  3. It is not ideal for the web designers to draw template etc.
  4. Extremely susceptible to corruption and file damage

The Best Software to Repair Corrupted Photos

To repair corrupt jpeg files, without any second thought download the Stellar Repair for Photo Software. This professional software is exceptional in JPEG File Recovery and easily restores the damaged and corrupt files clicked using a digital camera or smartphones.

Interesting Attributes of Stellar Repair for Photo Software

The features mentioned below makes this Image Repair Tool the best JPEG repair software till date.

  • Repairs Corrupted JPEG file

This software is capable of JPEG file repair irrespective of the complexity of damage. This image repair tool can easily fix completely unreadable photos, blurred photos by corruption, the invalid file structure of photos, header corruption etc. After fixing the issue, you will be able to save the recovered files at default or your desired location.

  • Extraction of Thumbnails

In case of extreme damage scenarios, this image repair tool is able to extract the thumbnails embedded with images without compromising the visual quality. No other JPEG repair software available in the market can provide solution up to this extent.

  • Repairs Multiple JPEG Files 

This professional software provides you with the option to repair several corrupt JPEG files at one go. You will save a lot of time and effort with this aspect. The exceptional feature made Stellar Repair for Photo Software win awards as well.

  • Preview facility for Repaired photos

This JPEG repair software gives you the option to preview the repaired photos. You will be able to preview the repaired JPEG/JPG files before saving them in the device. This is one of the best ways to ensure successful recovery of the files. This image repair tool is even capable of providing preview of large sized photos in the preview pane.

  • Save file at any location

The Stellar Repair for Photo Software provides you with a flexible saving option. After completion of repairing process, you would be able to save the repaired photos at desired location. One of the best features is that the thumbnails of the photos are saved in a separate folder reducing the effort to search the thumbnails and photos.

  • Fast and interactive GUI: 

The GUI of this JPEG repair software is quite user friendly. This can readily be used by professional photographers or individual users. Every instruction is very clear on the interface itself. The Stellar Repair for Photo Software can efficiently scan all the corrupted photos in minimum time frame. The details of the photos can be view in scanned results. Striking USP’s of Stellar Repair for Photo Software

  • Try and buy option:The software offers a free demo version for all users. You can try the demo version on different corrupt images before buying the software.
  • Money-back guarantee:No need to pay a penny if Stellar Repair for Photo software is not able to resolve the issue. It has a 30-day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with the result or software doesn’t repair your photos, then you can opt for money back policy.
  • 100% Secure:Virus or malware are very harmful to your system. Some tools specially created for the hacking purpose. Stellar Repair for Photo software is fully secured and virus free.
  • Support and compatibility: Stellar Repair for Photo occupies very less space on the system, occupies around 50 MB space. It is a lightweight software and works efficiently on Windows 10, 8, 8.1,7, Vista and, XP operating system. A separate version of this software is available for Mac users as well. Stellar Repair for Photo software is completely DIY software.

What users say about Stellar Repair for Photo Software?

With the lots of positive user reviews over the internet, this software became the best JPEG repair software till the date. The software has been rated 4 stars out of 5 by a large number of users and gained immense popularity. Users could easily repair the corrupt photos after using the data recovery program. Most of the users have even given 5 out 5 to this image repair tool and loads of positive reviews. Some appreciate this tool for its performance and interface. It does recover files with ease, and the success rate was found to be higher than its competitors. One of the users was delighted to repair almost 900 photos by using this tool which proves that the software also fixes a large number of corrupt pictures.

Types of JPEG/JPG File Corruption

For any of the below types of corruption in JPEG files, Stellar Repair for Photo is the best professional image repair software to repair corrupted or damaged photos.

  1. A grey area in Image: Sometimes the bottom half portion of the image becomes grey. Corruption in SD card or CF card can be the reason of it.
  2. Distortion in Images: Half portion of images distorts from the original position.
  3. Horizontal lines over the picture: This is one more sign of image corruption. If you are facing this kind of issues, then use the best JPEG repair software.

Wrapping it up

No need to worry anymore about JPEG file format photo corruption. Feel lucky and relaxed when you have downloaded Stellar Repair for Photo software. Moreover, the company gives you a 30-day money back guarantee then there’s no reason to hesitate, your money is totally safe!