Perfect Use of the Health Kit for You

Health Kit by Huawei offers the ecosystem apps to those who need access to health and fitness data of the users according to the Huawei authorization ID that they have. Depending on flexible authorization the Health Kit offered the perfect option for health and fitness data storage as well as sharing for the consumers. This is the perfect platform for the partners and developers as well as the Health Kit offers open capabilities for health and fitness in order to enable the concerned groups to build up services and apps that are based on different kind of data. Having connected the ecosystem apps with hardware devices the Health Kit offers workout guidance, healthcare, and the finest service experience to the consumers. For the individual and enterprise developer also the healthkit is open.

It provides a long series containing open capabilities for the services and apps related to ecosystem as well as hardware devices.

  • Java API: It offers the mobile app developers the option to write and read data regarding health and fitness.
  • Java Script API: Offers the developers access from the partners for providing value added service for the health app.
  • Cloud API: Offers the support access to the web app and mobile developers for reading health and fitness data.
  • Device Access: Here devices of third party health and fitness offer APIs for the hardware devices in order to upload and measure data through standard Bluetooth protocols offered by Huawei Health.

There are some other things to know about Health Kit. The first one is that the Health-Kit was formally known as Huawei Hihealth. Hihealth data API permissions for new applications are no longer entertained. For those developers who already had their access to Hihealth can still have their access and usage. HTML 5 or React Native Javascript open APIs are on the process of being built. For installing the Health Kit app version of the app is installed.

Main Functions of the Healthkit

The Health Kit offers the best data storage options for the health and fitness data. A vivid range of health and fitness APIs as well as supports sharing of a number of health and fitness data that includes weight, heart rate and step count can be offered through this app. In data access authorization management also this apps offer much support. It provides the settings for the users as well as developers so that they can manage the access to the data regarding fitness and health. The Health Kit also offers the hardware devices along with the APIs for the measurement and uploading of the data through the protocol of the Bluetooth. So you can understand that the Health Kit app is important in every possible way. Not only that it is perfect for multifarious use but also that it has perfect access options. So the options are wide for such Health Kit utilities. Infact this is the first time that Huawei has come up with such options regarding mobile data access. In this case Huawei comes up as a pioneering company to have such a large project done though the most upgraded technology backing up the health and fitness regime.