Overlooked SEO Factors to Improve Your Internet Marketing Results

A high volume of untargeted traffic is not good for building successful websites. Getting featured on top positions for irrelevant keywords of the search engine result page, simply means that many ‘casual’ visitors will visit your site.

You will instead need to drive in targeted traffic that comes from highly relevant content, in order to convert them into customers. You will have to make SEO efforts that strive for the long-term results.

When you look for different ways to enhance your SEO ratings on the internet, you will understand the importance of a few factors like –

  • Improve the site speed
  • Use unique and recognizable keywords
  • Perform mobile use optimization
  • Guest posting on highly relevant blogs
  • etc

Below are some factors mentioned that are out of the way, and usually get overlooked, but can possibly be effective.

Proper redirects

When visitors use search engines, your site gets featured on the result page. When the visitors click, and get confronted with dead links, they get frustrated. It is normal for pages to get lost, as your website evolves. Several URLs don’t work, but still get listed in searches. Your visitors glimpse the 404 error page, and bounce back. Soon, your ratings start to decline. To avoid this, it is necessary to redirect the invalid old pages to functioning URLs.

It can get done manually, but by using the WP 301 redirects plugin, you can do much more. The plugin is easy to install and configure, and it automatically takes care of the old and new pages. The dead links get automatically redirected to the new address in use.

Correct redirecting means every time your web page gets requested on search engines, it opens. Visitors don’t come across the 404s, but get to access the information they came looking for. They will stay longer on your site. It helps in maintaining a high SEO ranking.

Proper page formatting

SEO efforts made to reach the top will need a lot of consideration, besides the content and keywords. It is how your content gets presented. Many plugins help to generate reading scores a well as tips on enhancing the said score. Various factors get taken in testing the content for readability. It includes paragraph length, sentence length, passive use, etc. You need to identify the issues from feedback, and make the necessary changes.

Articles should to be a minimum of 1000 words in length. Longer texts fare well in query results. You also need to ensure clear and short paragraphs, to improve the readability. Add several headings and subheadings, graphs, images, and maintain the flow of the content format.

Answer questions with extra links

Websites also gain SERP by way how they respond to the queries from their users. You will need to scout the web to find the queries that are relevant to your business niche. You can give answers and insert a link too. For quality answers, you get up-voted, thus making your links visible to wider audiences.

Author’s box

If your site has a blog, and if you invite guest bloggers, you must not overlook the importance of the author’s box. Simple Author Box is a plugin that effectively improve the reputation of both, your WordPress blog, and your guest authors. It is a plugin that can attract high-quality links. With customization of the WP author boxblog owners can improve their credibility, blog traffic, and rankings.