Now’s The Time To Replace Your PLODS

08Human error can cost a lot of money, so when you’re relying on paper basedPLODS to track and monitor the material handling in your mining business you are susceptible to big problems.

Some of the issues when using paper PLODS are:

  • No inbuilt security measures
  • Stacks of paperwork everywhere
  • Inaccuracy and illegible handwriting
  • Time consuming to update

Just by looking at these issues it’s clear that procedures need to change. Luckily there is a solution!

The Perfect Solution To Your PLODS Problems

Loadscan have the technologies you need to update your systems and create a safer, more efficient papertrail, but not on paper.

Loadtrack is a painless operation which is an in cab system that gathers valuable data which can be collated into valuable feedback on the performance of your mine and the individual truckers on site. Maintenance of the system is bar minimal compared to other traditional methods making the Loadscan system much more cost effective for your mine.

Working in collaboration with the Loadscan load volume scanner (LVS), the new data collection system is effortless and just makes sense. The touch screen consoles allow drivers of the trucks to enter specific details like destinations, times, and load types so it can all go back to the main system to be prepared into reports for analysing later.

Uploading data recorded by the drivers also becomes a redundant task as all the inputted data is transferred to the in – house system via Wi-Fi. The data transfer is instant and when the driver completes the run the data can immediately be reported back to give them a performance review of the load.

This saves a lot of time in the office and presents a highly efficient system for sending reports to and from drivers to keep the mine ticking over at full capacity around the clock.

You can research more about Loadscan and their activities by visiting their homepage and navigating through their site to see exactly how this tech business is changing the face of the supply chain industry: