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Migrating Database from MS SQL to MySQL

The assumption that MS SQL is better than MySQL or vice versa is totally false. The two products are both stable and efficient. It is important to remember that the stability of your database depends largely on your user experience and not on the database itself. The two systems have their own advantages. You should select a based on your needs. Even though MS SQL and MySQL have their own advantages, a large number of businesses have migrated to MySQL because they are keen on taking the advantages of MySQL’s openness.

Why shift to Open Source Software?

Besides being free, Open Source software is becoming a compelling alternative vis-a-vis commercial software due to the following reasons:

Free and Cost Effective

Open Source Software is basically free or they are distributed under the General Public License. Even with a small budget you will be able to customize the system according to your needs by hiring experts. The money you will spend on hiring freelancer or experts will be reasonable if you compare with the prices commercial organizations charged. You can use the money on other development and technical support.

Clear and Transparent

Due to the simple fact that you can access the system source code, you will be able to learn how the code works. As a result you have the power to fine-tune and make improvements in the software. It is also possible to port the system code into a new hardware and make the changes so that it integrates smoothly with your existing systems.


Open Source Software offer a solid reliable and stable system. This is mainly due to a vast number of contributors who help in debugging the software.

Migrating to MySQL

If you think that you are ready to reap the benefits of Open Source Software, it is worth migrating your MS SQL to MySQL. The conversion process of MS SQL to MySQL is a bit complicated due to the lengthy commands. Fear not for the black-and-white command prompt as there are some simple tools to make that transition simple and fast. One such tool is the popular SQL Server to MySQL converter which is crafted by by Intelligent Converters. This software can be use in migrating SQL Server or Azure SQL database to MySQL, MariaDB / Percona with a few clicks of the mouse.

Main Features

  • All editions of Microsoft SQL Server are supported (including those of Azure SQL)
  • All editions of Linux/Unix & Windows MySQL servers supported
  • There is an option to merge MS SQL data with an existing MySQL database
  • There is an option to convert SQL Server database into MySQL dump FileZigZag.
  • It can convert indexes with all the necessary attributes
  • It can convert foreign keys
  • Allows to customize resulting table structure
  • It can store conversion settings right into profile
  • It can filter data by using SELECT queries
  • It can convert individual tables
  • It cab synchronise MySQL database with those of MS SQL data
  • It can convert MS SQL views into MySQL format
  • It can verify compatibility with MariaDB and Percona  
  • It support command line
  • It supports Unicode
  • Simple and easy to use wizard-style interface
  • Supports full install or uninstall
  • It can be customized according to client requirements
  • You have an unlimited 24/7 customer support service
  • You will get 1-year subscription if you go for updates