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Main Benefits of Using Proxy Servers


Proxy servers are getting more popular by the day. Lots of Internet users search for ways to increase the security of their devices and personal data. Proxies deliver this kind of service. It’s a great way to protect one’s identity when going online and visiting new websites. Aside from that, proxy servers have lots of other advantages to offer.

Top 5 advantages one has to know:

  1. The most popular reason why people get proxy services is the protection of the IP address. When you need to hide your IP behind an address from a specific country, you may choose services from You’ll get access to over 1000 IPs located in main German cities;
  2. Proxy services increase anonymity. No one will be able to track the browsing activity back to you as long as you use a trustworthy provider.
  3. The reduction of the load is another benefit one cannot neglect. It’s a feature mainly offered by caching proxies. To put it simply, the server stores the information from the websites a user visited to deliver it faster the next time. Consequently, faster browsing guaranteed;
  4. A user who has a network of devices gets to control them all. A business owner can use it to block certain sites or verify the classified information stays within the organization only. It may also serve as a parental control feature allowing parents to control the content seen by their kids. Schools and private companies often use this feature;
  5. Another layer of security. Proxy servers protect the IP address and devices from malware infections and hackers. The user’s computer doesn’t get a direct connection to the Internet. It sends a request to the proxy server, which goes online and delivers information to the device. This prevents identity loss and viruses.