Importance of drone mounted RDF system to test radio signals

The use of advanced technology to test and measure the radio frequency signals has now become a multi dollar business. This is a system that is dependent completely on versatile hardware and software that is really sophisticated. In the recent years, you will find that there is tremendous use of aerial vehicles or drones as part of the industry.

Wireless system

The drone mounted rdf system is a wireless system that uses only custom made drones. It weight of the drone is just about 33 pounds that is a fully loaded equipment and is used in the public and private sectors. There are potential customers who are interested to use drones to test the rdf signals. There is a huge demand for this system to be used as testers for satellite signals. Hence there is a special use of spectrum analyser especially for this purpose.

  • The best thing about drone mounted rdf system is that it can handle antenna inspections and deployments.
  •  The measurements are very accurate especially when there is the need of real time measurements. This also reduces the time that is required to do the inspection. 
  • The system has the owner to check the process signals and also signal to the noise ratios. The system is excellent a way of measurement for various spectrum parameters.
  •  The drones can immediately transmit the measurements to the ground based crews. This can then be read in the iOS application.

The innovative system of drones has been successful as a compact signal analyser in order to characterise the radiation patterns of the antennas of the tower. Hence there has been a continuous rise in the integration of the RF measurement systems along with several drone manufacturers. This is a solution that includes the RF receiver as well as the onboard computer.