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IamHere- Finding the Talented People in your City

We live in a world where communication is a necessity but sadly, it is very sparse. There are many reasons as to why you do not feel comfortable enough while conversing with a person. Wouldn’t you like to meet people with similar interests and have meaningful conversations?  IamHere app is designed to combat this difficulty and bring together people with similar interests. 

IamHere app is a social app which helps you explore and connect with people with whom you have something in common. Or with people whom you actually want to meet. No meaningless conversation is needed anymore. You can bond with genuine people with genuine interests.

IamHere App

IamHere app is designed to bring together talent and people. This app can be easily downloaded on any Android or iOS device. You do not need to do much after that. You can make a profile in this app by following some simple steps. This app also gives you the opportunity to make your own avatars. These avatars will be representing you in the app. 

IamHere requires genuine information about you and then you are done. You are ready to explore the world and meet new people. IamHere app is best suited for finding musicians and artists in your area.

Location Specificity

IamHere app works in your locality and brings to you the information regarding people closest to you. It opens in the form of a map and helps you determine how far the person is from you. Being heavily based on location accuracy, IamHere app helps you find people in the neighbourhood that share similar interests as you. IamHere app keeps in mind that you may not wish to meet anyone at random. So it gives you the opportunity to explore many profiles before deciding to start a conversation.

You want an artist for your café or restaurant; you can find it here on IamHere app. And it is almost effortless. Just mention your specific needs and IamHere will find people suiting those specified categories.

Helpful in Discovering Talent

Talent always finds a way to shine. And with the use of IamHere app you and your talent will shine brighter than ever. IamHere app also allows companies, organisations and NGOs to explore the talent pool. And fish for future employees. With the help of IamHere app, you can easily put yourself on the map and all the leading companies will notice you. IamHere is all the more favoured because it allows to company or NGO to select people from a specific location.


Communication and building social connection has never been easier. IamHere app has revolutionized the method of communication. IamHere app allows you to meet people who share similar interests. And the best thing is, all these people are right here, in your neighbourhood. The probability of finding a friend, employee or artist has increased so much with the commencement of IamHere app. It allows you to thoroughly scan through several profiles before striking a conversation. You want to talk to someone, but are unsure that he is the right person for you? Do not worry. Go through the profile on IamHere app and then when you find them satisfying, connect with them.