How to use privnote – Best guide to private messaging

Private messages, notes, and files can be sent using Privnote, a free online service. As people become more concerned about their online security and privacy, it has gained popularity.

  • Send self-destructing messages, notes, files
  • Encrypted end-to-end so only the recipient can read
  • Messages self-destruct after set time limit
  • No sign-up is required
  • Completely anonymous

Privnote is ideal for sending private information like passwords, links, small documents, or any text you don’t want to remain publicly accessible. It’s also great for maintaining privacy online.

Benefits of using privnote

There are many great reasons to use Privnote for your private messaging needs:

Complete privacy

  • Messages cannot be retrieved, copied, forwarded, or traced
  • No accounts are needed so completely anonymous
  • Encrypted end-to-end for security

Temporary communications

  • Great for one-time private messages
  • Messages self-destruct so zero online footprint
  • No need to permanently delete conversations

Simple and easy to use

  • Intuitive interface needs no signup or app
  • It only takes seconds to generate secure links
  • Share links safely via any channel

Ad-free experience

  • 100% free service with no paid tiers
  • No annoying ads or distractions

Use on any device

  • Web-based so works on all browsers
  • Generate and open links on any smartphone

Guide to sending privnotes

Ready to start using Privnote? Here is a simple step-by-step walkthrough:

1. Go to website

Head to the Privnote website. An account is not required to download or create.

2. Type or paste your message

In the text box, type or paste the text message, notes, or information you want to privately send.

3. Attach files (optional)

Adding files or images is as simple as clicking the attachment icon. Downloads, photos, audio, and documents are all accepted.

4. Set the self-destruct timer

Choose how long you want the message to be available before destroying itself – anywhere from 1 minute to 1 week.

5. Generate the private link 

Click “Create note”. This will generate a unique URL to access your secret message.

6. Copy the URL

The URL will appear on the screen. Highlight and copy it (Ctrl + C on Windows/Linux, Cmd + C on Mac).

7. Share the URL link

Paste this link to the recipient via email, a messaging app, or any preferred method.

8. Recipient opens message

The recipient just needs to click the link to open and view your privatemessage!

9. Message self-destructs

Once opened, the message will automatically delete itself from Privnote’s server based on your set destruction timer.

And that’s it! The unique URL acts as the key to view your secret message. Afterward, no trace of the communication remains online.

Privacy tips when using privnote

To maximize privacy with Privnote, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Set short self-destruct timers (1-5 minutes)
  • Use anonymized email aliases or phone numbers
  • Enable permissions like anti-forwarding in apps if possible
  • Avoid sending sensitive material traceable to you
  • Recommend recipient use private browsing
  • Do not sign messages or provide identifiable info
  • Use encrypted email if sharing a URL link

The more precautions you take, the more protected your privacy will be. But even following basic Privnote guidelines will keep your messages safe from prying eyes!