How To Upgrade Your Old Graphics Card?

Graphics card:

A Graphics card is a hardware component used in the computer to create the output images on the monitor or display screen. The working principle of the graphics card is almost similar to other peripheral devices of the computer.

Working Principle:

In general, an image is the result of dots and pixels in which they will join together to produce the output as an image. There will be a procedure to form an image that is executed and decided by the graphics card. A Graphics card gets the binary data from the CPU and converts them into pixels using a translator. So, the job of the Graphics card is not easy at all. But it is easy to understand the components and working principle of the graphics card.

Upgrading your graphics card:

People may think that it is not easy for any person to upgrade the graphics card when they have very little knowledge about the computer. But it is not so, as one can upgrade the graphics card of the PC. To upgrade it, you should know some basic concepts of the graphics card.

Graphics Card Types:

The first step is to determine which graphics card is suitable for your PC. This is because of two basic types of graphics cards available such as Personal Computer Interconnect (PCI) and the Accelerated Graphic Port (AGP). Most of the PCs come with two slots for placing the cards, but some models may have only one slot. So, one should check the slot compatibility and then go for choosing the graphics card.


Based on your needs and requirements, one can go for choosing the right card. For instance, if you are a game lover, you can buy an AGP card. This card is much faster when compared to PCI. In addition to speed, the AGP has three-dimensional properties which are best for gaming. But if you just need a graphics card, then you can buy the PCI card. So, if you have a PCI card, but want to play games then you exchange at the shops. Thus, sell old graphics card and buy the new AGP card.

After deciding the graphics card type, you have to decide about the memory requirements. It is better to go with the one that has a more memory size, as it runs effectively on the computer.

Uninstall the previous graphics card:

Ensure that you are uninstalling the previous graphics card before upgrading your graphics card. Some PCs have built-in video cards for which you have to disable the whole thing and install the new card. To uninstall the previous card, go to the control panel of the PC, and select the device manager option. This shows the display adapter option and you have to click on it to see your current graphics card. Now, right-click on the current graphics card and select the uninstall option. Soon after uninstalling the card, shut down your PC to remove the previous card from the slot and insert the new graphics card. Have a look at the computer set up to ensure the proper functioning of your new graphics card. There are some online shops in which you can sell old graphics card and buy the new for upgrading the graphics card in your PC. Thus, buy the new graphics card by exchanging your old card with online shop dealers.