How to Safely Recover Deleted Files and Delete Files Safely to Prevent Misuse

What software is available that can recover deleted files? Well frankly, there are a lot of them out there – both free trial versions, and the ones you can buy. What I use is called TuneUp Utilities. Partial recovery of deleted files has a lot of other useful options for computer maintenance. In some ways, such utilities may be of any help, this way, you can call raid recovery service in Westchester.

How to recover deleted files using TuneUp Utilities

The process is very simple. Just go to the recovery of files and choose the Undelete tab. The next option that seems to have the details of the computer hard drives. You can choose the particular hard drive from which the file was deleted and say “Next”. The next screen has a search box. Here, you can use wildcards to refine your search. For example, if you are looking for a JPEG image file, you can enter search criteria, such as [* .jpeg].

After specifying the file type, click “Next.” This starts the recovery process and a list of files that match your search will be shown. Once you have identified the specific file you want to restore, simply click on the “Restore” button and choose the path you want the files to be restored to! Now, you have the files that you thought you had deleted permanently. It’s so ridiculously simple – also the reason you should worry – especially when you miss sensitive data.

You would not want someone to retrieve the data, and possibly use it against you in some way. There are some extremely affordable and useful unities for this purpose.

How to safely destroy files using TuneUp utility

Once it is installed on your PC, you have the right option available to reflect the Shredder option. All you need when you want to delete a file safely is right click on file (s) and choose the special “TuneUp Shredder”. This leads to a window that shows a couple of options, such as the method of removal and the number of repetitions. There are three methods available in the elimination of files:

(1) Deletion fast

(2) Secure Delete according to DoD

(3) Remove, Gutmann safe method.

You can choose one of these options depending on the level you want to ensure disposal. You can also choose the number of repetitions to ensure that the files are overwritten and are unrecoverable.

In addition to the TuneUp option, there are numerous Undelete software and shredder available. You can testify the effectiveness of these programs, however, TuneUp works very well. There is a trial version that is available. So, you can try it. To learn more about data recovery choices, click here.

In this day and age, where data is valuable and can be misused, a person needs to be aware of this valuable software that can help you protect your private data.