How to Make a PDF Document: A Basic Guide

PDFs are one of the most common ways to save files, but how do you do it? This basic guide shows how to make a PDF document.

The PDF document is one of the most popular file formats available on the web. This document has garnered widespread use and nearly universal acclaim because it enables users to create and share exact replicas of documents.

Compare that to sending a Word document to someone and how that document can change based on local fonts, screen sizes, and more.

If you’re curious to know how to make a PDF document, keep reading! Below, we outline some common ways you can generate files in this vain.

Creating PDFs From Word Processors

In most cases, people will explore how to make a PDF document through their word processors. Fortunately, most mainstream word tools make PDF creation simple.

While the steps may look different from program to program, generally, you’ll want to do the following to generate a PDF:

Complete Your Document in Your Processor

PDFs are non-editable formats. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure your document looks exactly the way you want it to in your word processor before generating a PDF.

This includes checking for typographical errors, finessing image positioning, and ensuring that all of your headings are structured exactly as you’d like them to appear in your final product.

Navigate Your Save-As Options

Once your document is ready to convert, head to the upper left-hand corner of your screen. You should see a “file” option or similar equivalent.

Upon clicking “file”, navigate down to the “Save-As” or “Save a Copy” option in your word processor. With that selected, you should be able to choose PDF as your export file format.

Set Your PDF Settings If Applicable

In most cases, when you opt to save as a PDF, you’ll be asked questions about how you want your PDF set up. These options mostly revolve around compression, meaning how big a file your PDF will be generated at.

With your file settings selected, finalize your save and you should have a newly minted PDF.

Converting Existing Files to PDF

You may have a particular file format that you’d like to convert to a PDF. There are several free and paid tools that will enable you to complete that process.

For example, if you’re curious to know how to convert ASPX to PDF, a quick web search of that question will introduce you to a handful of options.

Your best bet is to run a Google search and see what turns up!

You Now Know How to Make a PDF Document

Knowing how to make a PDF document can up your file proficiency game tremendously. We hope our tips have enabled you to feel more confident working with the PDF file extension and that what you learned leads to practical applications.

If you need additional guidance on this subject or other subjects regarding tech, we’ve got you covered! Our team uploads tech-centric content regularly that’s aimed at fulfilling your need to know. Dive deeper into our blog to keep expanding your savvy!