How to Go Green at Home

Finding ways to go green is a priority for more than 77% of Americans. And while it can seem tough when you’re first getting started, creating a more sustainable lifestyle is easier than you might think.

All it takes is a little creativity and willingness to try new things.

So, what can you do to go green? Here are a few simple ways to cut your carbon footprint and conserve every day.

Invest in Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is one of the most effective ways to go green at home. The panels collect energy from the sun and help power your home’s electric appliances without forcing you to draw energy from the grid.

According to Blue Raven Solar, installing even a few panels can offset your home’s grid-based energy use and save you money each month. Even better, the panels will last for years so you’ll be able to keep your home’s carbon footprint and electricity bills small long-term.

Unfortunately, installing solar panels isn’t a home improvement project you can take on alone. Work with an experienced solar power team to make sure you choose a system that will work for your home’s needs and let them handle the installation for you.

Reuse What You Can

Unfortunately, the items you put into your recycling bin often end up in the landfill rather than getting repurposed into new products. Instead of trying to recycle everything you can, shift your focus. Look for ways to reuse items before you discard or recycle them.

Reuse paper and plastic grocery bags several times before throwing them away. Wash out plastic jars and use them to hold dry goods like rice, oatmeal, or beans. Turn damaged and torn t-shirts or sheets into cleaning rags and wash them rather than throwing them away.

The more you can reuse, the longer items will stay out of landfills.

Be Mindful of Your Windows

Your home’s windows can be a major source of heat loss in the winter and air conditioning loss in the summer. Instead of just using your blinds or leaving them uncovered all day long, cover them up with curtains.

Even sheer curtains can help keep the temperatures outside your home from influencing the temperatures indoors.

In winter, close the curtains at night and leave them open during the sunniest and warmest parts of the day. In summer, close the curtains during the brightest and hottest parts of the day.

As long as you do, you’ll be able to keep your heating and cooling costs lower and reduce your home’s energy use no matter the season.

Go Green With These Tips

If you’re ready to go green and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, these tips are the perfect place to start. Once you create a few new habits, you’ll be able to branch out and find new ways to further embrace an eco-friendly way of life.

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