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How to Fix the Error – “Displayed Memory Card Removed Suddenly”

“Getting error message – Displayed memory card removed suddenly. Have rebooted the phone multiple times, but the issue isn’t resolved. What needs to be done now?”

In the contemporary world, the portable memory card is extensively used by individuals and professionals for data storage. And excessive usage leads to abnormal behaviour and malfunctioning of the device. One of the annoying situations to deal with is when one receives error notification “SD card unexpectedly removed”. We can no longer access the photos or videos stored on the SD card. No one can ever afford to lose the priceless memory stored in the memory card.

You may try to restart the phone a few times but in vain. Reinserting the SD card multiple times may not resolve the issue. Even inserting the SD card on another device can be of no use. There are numerous precautionary measures to help you recover your data; however, it is better to use the most trusted and authorized SD card data recovery solution.

Before moving on to the solution, let us first discuss the causes leading to SD card unexpectedly removed error.

What are the Possible Reasons for SD card Errors?

        The device may not detect the card due to a loose connection between your device (phone or digital camera) and SD card

        The SD card and your phone or digital camera should be compatible

        Your device (phone or digital camera) is damaged. If it works after connecting to a PC or other device, then it means that the SD card is fine else your device is damaged

        Virus attack on SD card, scan the card to detect virus infection and remove it using antivirus software

        The SD card is broken after excessive use.

Tips to avoid further damage to the SD card

          Stop using the card immediately

          Do not perform insertion/ejection of SD card while it is functioning

          Avoid using a single SD card on multiple devices

          Remember to remove the SD card when the device is turned off

          Keep the SD card away from sunlight

          Do not fill the card to maximum

          Avoid clicking photos while your device is on low battery.


How do I fix SD card Unexpectedly Removed Error?

1.      Unmount your SD card and reboot the device:  Go to Settings – Storage – SD cards-Unmount SD card. Now remove the card, reboot your device and reinsert the card. Usually, this techniques works else read the next method.


2.      Format the SD card: Before formatting your card, you need to have a backup of the data. Once the SD card format is complete, you can move back the files. Generally, formatting helps if SD card gets corrupt or develop bad sectors.


3.      Change drive letter and path: Connect the SD card to your PC. Then open the Control Panel-Administrative Tools – Computer Management – Storage -Disk Management. Right-click on the disk and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths”. From the drop-down, select the drive that you want to assign and click OK.


4.       Restore Factory Settings: In case the steps mentioned above fail, then restoring factory setting is a feasible option. But a huge risk is involved as factory reset erases all your data, apps, photos, music etc. thereby restoring the original manufacturer settings of the device’s software. Mentioned below are the steps:

          Open device’s Settings -Personal – Backup and reset

          Enter the PIN, password or pattern as required

          Select factory data reset then reset the phone, under personal data section

          Once done, restart the device and restore your backed-up files. Before resetting back-up all your data including contacts, SMS, and other useful information

Issue still not resolved what next? 

In case of major damage, the above-mentioned techniques might not be helpful. Download the top-rated Stellar Photo Recovery Software to retrieve data from SD cards. This software guarantees up to 100% data recovery leaving no scope for further damage or error. Follow the below mentioned steps for successful SD card data recovery.

          Connect your SD card to the PC and run Stellar Photo Recovery software

          On the home screen of the software – Select what to recover and click next.

          Then select the location from where you want to recover. Click scan to start the scanning process

          A dialog box stating ‘Scanning Completed successfully!’ displays the scan results including a number of files and size of the data. In the left pane of the main window, all the recovered data is listed. The preview will be available in the right pane.

          Click on recoverOption to recover selective photos is also available. You need to select the required photos then, right click, and click recover.

          Specify the location to save the retrieved data and click save. All the files will be saved at the specified location.

Winding it up

The portable memory cards are widely used for data storage and data transfer on the go. But at times, some errors make the SD cards behave abnormally leading to inaccessibility of stored data. In such a scenario do not try to recover data using any random software if initial precautionary measures fail. You may lose your stored data permanently.

If your card shows SD card unexpectedly removed error, you need reliable and authorized software to recover data. Stellar Photo Recovery software recovers your valuable data efficiently and is the most advanced option available. You can easily perform the recovery by yourself, sitting at home. Initially opt for the free trial and buy the license when you are able to see your data. This software is a complete package; it not only recovers photos and videos it can repair corrupt photos and videos as well. The DIY photo recovery software from Stellar is easy to install, 100% safe & secure and, easy to use. Stellar Photo Recovery Software has been recognised by top IT/Software products magazines for being the fastest and best way to recover your lost and deleted photos and videos.